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  1. Season V Farm League - Week 4

    Made contact, awaiting response
  2. Season V Farm League - Sign-ups!

    Hope I made it in time for today Name: Random Pizzaman Tier: BW UU
  3. Pokémon Trevenant

    Taking into account Harvest Sitrus Berry, it can be quite sturdy and shouldnt have a problem with Starmie.
  4. Other Viable Megas

    I think Gengar will be one of the more popular Mega Evos, but not Uber as some are predicting because of that 1 turn delay it has in actually Mega Evolve gives you a chance to switch in a Pursuiter. Banette and Absol will also have that problem, since they wont be able to take advantage of their...
  5. The Same-Type Tournament (Sign-Ups)

    in or sub
  6. noSTAB Tournament II - Round 2

    holychipmunk never really got back to me after initially contacting him, and I was busy the past two days myself.
  7. Got Arceus? Sign-Ups!

  8. The Best of 3 Tournament - Round 1!

    Yoshix hasn't contacted me back yet. Activity post.
  9. noSTAB Tournament II - Round 1

    My opponent hasn't responded for a while. Activity post I guess.
  10. np: UU Suspect Test Round 2 - Cold As Ice

    Celebi isn't a bad scarfer for that at all, considering it also gets Trick. Also, Shaymin.
  11. Honchkrow (Placeholder)

    Choice Scarf 252 Atk/252Spe Adamant Brave Bird Sucker Punch Superpower/Night Slash Pursuit Is a good set. Insomnia with Superpower, Moxie with Night SLash