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    CAP 19 CAP 19 - Part 10 - Name Poll 2

    Plasmanta Ohmagod Teslanta
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    Old Name and Profile Change Requests

    Hi i made this account when i was 14 and have no idea what a maniax is lol. I was inactive for a very long time. Can my name be changed to RedBlueGreen. Its a way more fun name lmao
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    Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer (CAP V. 3.0 READ THE OP!)

    What program or programs do people use to make the CAP sprites? Im interested in making sprites but not sure what is the best choice to go with. I tried regular MSpaint with a tutorial and didn't like it lol
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    CAP 19 CAP 19 - Part 8 - Art Poll 1

    Magistrum Yilx noobiess
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    Most nerdy things you have done?

    I have a flygon wallet since i was 12. (im 20 now lol). And play minecraft so much ive got in on my phone now. CANT WAIT FOR NYC COMIC CON
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    Beer Thread

    PBR is the worst beer ive ever drank. But try it out lol if you like it more power to you. Im more of a corona drinker.
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    hi, i think your design for cap19 is amazing.

    hi, i think your design for cap19 is amazing.
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    pokemon tho

    pokemon tho
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    CAP 12 CAP1 - Part 7 - (Art Poll 3)

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    Dream World OU - Sign Ups

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    CAP 12 CAP1 - Part 7 - (Art Poll 2)

    Cartoons! Sentrets panda was amazing/my fav at first but when it comes down to the new panda design vs cartoons's design. I gotta go with cartoons. i still love that panda though.
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    CAP 12 CAP1 - Part 7 - (Art Poll 1)

    SoIheardyoulikeSENTRET noobiess Energy Storm Cartoons! chomzloh Fatecrashers DougJustDoug aragornbird Antarctros Nastyjungle KoA Doran Dragon Paras Hilton Mektar aww man i love all these
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    Black/White Walkthrough Tourney - Round 1: Pinwheel Forest

    lost to snorlax in a gg