“Jimmy,” Nancy Robinson yelled up the stairway. “Brandon’s here!” She stood at the base of the stairs, her long hair cascading over her shoulders. The young visitor stood behind her, dressed in clean, white, baseball uniform. As she bent down slightly to look up the stairwell, her breasts nearly tumbled out of her robe. Brandon, her son Jimmy’s best friend, was staring at her long legs and the hint of her naked ass as the sexy older woman’s short robe rose up as she bent over.

“Send him up!” Jimmy yelled back.

“Go on up, Brandon,” Mrs. Robinson said as she turned around. She smiled at Brandon and gave him a sexy wink. She had caught him staring at her ass, and now, he couldn’t help looking at her deep cleavage and partially exposed breasts.

‘Boys will be boys, after all,’ Nancy thought. She pulled her robe just a little bit tighter, leaving an abundance of soft flesh still visible. He smiled at her and blushed, embarrassed at being caught.

Nancy watched Brandon climb the stairs. His pants were tight and showed off his firm, teenage ass. She nervously nibbled on a fingertip as she admired his butt flexing back and forth with each step. She sucked her finger a moment and removed it with a soft ‘pop.’

Mrs. Robinson was a recent divorcee in her mid-thirties. The smile lines around her lips and eyes were the only things that showed her age. Her body was still young and firm. She had full breasts and a tight, generous ass. She was considered very good looking and kept her body in shape.

Their friends thought her husband was a fool to leave such a pretty, vivacious, and sensual woman for a young trollop. Nancy couldn’t fault him for wanting a young lover; she had the same desires. She yearned to feel a firm, youthful, body between her thighs while she gripped her nameless Adonis’s ass-cheeks - one in each hand. She would encourage her teenage lover and his hard, teenage cock by softly scratching her fingernails up and down his back while moaning and whispering for him to fuck her; fuck her harder and faster. Then, because her lover was young, horny, and at his sexual prime, they would make love again and again.

Brandon arrived at the top of the stairs and went in to Jimmy’s bedroom. The morning sun was shining through the window. It was a beautiful Saturday morning.

“Brandon,” Jimmy said. “Why are you here so early again? I haven’t even showered yet.”

“You know I don’t like being late,” Brandon answered. He took off his baseball cap. “I want to practice a little before the ball game.”

“Well, you’ll have to wait a while,” Jimmy said. “I’m not going to hurry just because you are a psycho.”

“All right, I’ll go hang out with your mom while you get ready. You know I don’t like seeing you strip down to your skivvies for your shower.”

“Yeah, like I want you to watch anyway,” Jimmy said. “Hey, why do you always want to hang out with my mom?” Jimmy asked. “Don’t you think that’s a little odd? A young guy and an old woman hanging out?”

“Nah,” Brandon said. “Your mom’s cool. She’s a lot of fun to talk to.” Then, he added with a smile, “And she’s hot.”

“Gross,” Jimmy said. “Don’t talk about my mom like that.”

“Sorry, but she’s a MILF, everybody says so.”

“Just don’t, OK?”

While Jimmy thought his mother was very good looking for her age, it was still weird hearing his friends talk about how sexy she was. He didn’t mind checking out his mother’s body, especially when he talked to her in the mornings or evenings, as she dressed and undressed in front of him, he just didn’t like hearing his friend’s talk about her. He was actually a little tired of all of his friends always referring to his mother as a ‘MILF.’ He couldn’t imaging any of his friends actually fucking his own mother.

“Whatever,” Brandon replied. He stepped out of the room and went downstairs.

“Is Jimmy ready?” Mrs. Robinson asked. She was drinking her morning coffee while sitting at the kitchen table, still wearing her bathrobe and slippers. She nonchalantly reached a hand in to scratch one of her firm, plump, breasts. When she pulled her hand away, she made sure to leave most of her naked tit displayed.

“Nah, he’s not even showered yet,” Brandon said, acting cool while leaning against the doorframe.

Mrs. Robinson turned towards Brandon and lifted a foot to place it on the chair spindle. She casually opened her legs a bit and her robe parted, showing her son’s best friend her well-trimmed muff. He stared openly at her as she finished her coffee. He licked his lips.

The older woman smiled and stood up. Her robe became untied as she walked to the coffee pot to set down her empty cup. She leaned back against the kitchen sink for a moment. Both of her breasts were now exposed; nearly to her nipples, and her soft thighs and well-trimmed pussy were illuminated by the bright kitchen lights.

Mrs. Robinson followed Brandon’s gaze downwards. Down past her breasts and then to her pussy.

“Oops,” she deadpanned. The sexy older woman walked towards Brandon. She shrugged her shoulders and her robe fell in a heap upon the cold tile floor. The two embraced and kissed sensually, the way longtime lovers do, knowing each other’s thoughts and actions before they even embraced. He tilted his head right and she went left. They pressed their lips together, aching with need. She bit his lip and he sucked her lips before slightly opening their mouths and entwining their tongues together. Brandon caressed her naked body and Nancy put her hand on his chest, feeling his firm, young muscles. She ran her hand up and down his crisp, white shirt.

“God, you look so hot in your baseball uniform. You are quite the stud, you know that?” Her hand traveled lower and then cupped his crotch.

“Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson?” Brandon asked with a grin.

“I love it when you say that line,” Nancy replied, giving him a quick kiss on the lips. “We’ll have to watch that movie someday.” She fell to her knees and Brandon untied his pants. Nancy pulled them down and tapped playfully on the hard, protective cup hidden inside his jock-strap. She tugged them down to join his pants. His halfway-hard, chubby cock popped out. Mrs. Robinson immediately took it into her warm, wet, mouth.

“Mmm, I love your cock,” she murmured. Her experienced mouth soon sucked it to full hardness by twisting her head back and forth, tickling his balls, and pushing his hard shaft deep into her throat. She paused to admire her work. Brandon had very pretty cock, she thought. It looked even better now that it was shiny and covered with her saliva. It was around seven inches long and nice and thick. Just how she liked them.

Mrs. Robinson looked up at her young lover. “Are you going to give me a mouthful sweet cream to go with my morning coffee, or are you still on that ‘no sex before a game’ kick?” Without waiting for an answer, she began to bob her head up and down on his cock, determined to get a mouth-full of his teenage jizz anyway. She loved how forcefully he shot his thick sperm into her mouth and she thoroughly enjoyed how his hard, youthful, cock pulsed and twitched as he came.

“Ohhhh,” Brandon moaned as she worked on his shaft. “Mrs. Robinson, you know how I feel about that,” he said. “Coach says we have to keep our cocks in our pants before a game. He says it makes our testosterone levels higher.” Then he whispered to her softly, “Damn, you know how to suck a dick, Nancy.” He rarely called her ‘Nancy,’ being afraid he might use her given name in front of Jimmy.

Brandon watched his friend’s mom suck on his cock while he kept an ear turned towards the stairs. He knew how lucky he was to have such a hot woman lusting after his cock. He recalled how Mrs. Robinson had teased him, flirted with him, and let him catch glimpses of her body for months after her husband left, until he finally got the courage to reach out his hand to softly caress her, while waiting for her to slap at his hand or worse. However, she had immediately embraced him and groped for his cock.

Brandon moaned with lust. He gripped the older woman’s head with both hands and fucked her face gently. He glanced out the window, thought about base-ball, and bit his tongue to keep from cumming into her mouth. He wanted to enjoy Nancy’s sucking mouth a while longer, but soon pulled away when he felt his orgasm becoming imminent.

“Awww!” Nancy pouted, as she watched his hard cock bounce in front of her face. She knew he was very close to erupting into her mouth. She stood up and kissed Brandon urgently. Her pussy was wet.

“You’re sleeping over with Jimmy tonight, aren’t you?” she asked, breathing into his ear.

“Mmm, uhhh, yeah,” he mumbled when she kissed him again. “He’s going to ask you if it’s alright. He’s worried we kept you awake last week playing video games.”

“Maybe I should tell him ‘No,’” she said thoughtfully. “I don’t want him to suspect anything.”

Nancy smiled seeing Brandon’s suddenly sad expression. She giggled, and he realized she was only teasing him. He scowled and pinched her nipple in feigned anger. She slapped his hand away, re-tied her robe, and sat down at the table.

Mrs. Robinson poured another cup of coffee and giggled as she raised it to her lips, watching Brandon’s attempts to get his still hard cock back into his protective athletic cup. When he pulled up his pants, she could see his awkward, uncomfortable, bulge. “You should’ve given me some cream for my coffee like I asked, then you wouldn’t have that problem.” She giggled again, thinking of his thick load flavoring her morning coffee. Even though she was denied for now, she looked forward to the warm, thick, load waiting for her tonight.


After the game, the boys returned to her house. They were sweaty, dirty, and laughing as they came in the door.

“So, how was the game?” Mrs. Robinson asked.

“We won!” Jimmy said. “I got two hits and Brandon scored the winning run!”

“How nice!” his mom replied, clapping her hands. “Yippeee!”

“Oh, mom?” Jimmy asked breathlessly. “Can Brandon stay over tonight? We want to play that new video game you bought me.”

“Of course,” she replied. “Brandon’s welcome anytime. He’s such a nice boy. I don’t mind at all.” She winked at Brandon and blew him a kiss as Jimmy raided the refrigerator for an after-game snack.

“Thanks mom!”

“My pleasure,” she replied, while quickly pulling down her top to flash Brandon her breasts.


Later that afternoon, Mrs. Robinson checked on the boys. She opened Jimmy’s bedroom door to find the two teens in an intense video battle. Jimmy glanced at his mother with irritation. She was wearing very short shorts and an even shorter t-shirt. He knew better than to say anything about her choice of clothing. She always reminded him it was her house and she could dress how she liked. If his friends didn’t like it, they didn’t have to come over. But, that was his problem, all of his friends wanted to hang out at his house just to perv at his mom.
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