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    5iv Ditto trading

    Hi all, Looking for someone with 5iv non english ditto to trade. The 5 ivs i need are 31/31/31/x/31/31 with any nature. X is the special attack Willing to trade a 31/x/31/31/31/31 ditto, chinese or english for it. X is for attack Pm me here and ill add you
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    Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 47 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    Hi All, I'm looking for a Legit Softboiled Clefairy from Gen3, preferably Bold. IV's can be whatever- obviously a 31/x/31/31/31/31 would be ideal, but not mandatory If you can clone one, catch one then tutor it from the Gen 3 games. I'm willing to trade for a bred pentagon 5/6 IV pokemon of...
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    Jebus Christ's Holy Trade Thread [PLS LOCK :( ]

    Thanks dude- check the IVs- your Zapdos is looking fine!
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    Jebus Christ's Holy Trade Thread [PLS LOCK :( ]

    I added you now- Im on at the moment and most of the day-
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    Banners suck.

    Trade an Adamant HA 5iv riolu female for a HP grass max iv Pentagon Zapdos? [Riolu] [Female] (♀) | [447] Nature: Adamant | Level: 1 | Ability: Prankster IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31 | OT: ACE | ID: 3396 Egg Moves: crunch, bullet punch Hidden Power: - Kalos born- Bred by me I also have quite a...
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    Jebus Christ's Holy Trade Thread [PLS LOCK :( ]

    do you still have the bold zapdos for trade? I have female adamant lux ball riolu (HA with egg moves crunch/bullet punch) and weedle to trade- they are both bred by me and 5iv, not cloned IGN:Ace FC:2595-0267-9086
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    **The Secret Shop** Shinies and Cloning Services!!! Reopned

    The gible is designed for mixed mega set, so it just has outrage Its Kalos bred with SIV so I'm not the OT
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    **The Secret Shop** Shinies and Cloning Services!!! Reopned

    Hello, I'm interested in your HP fire shiny froakie I have a shiny 6iv Naive gible rough skin, 5iv gastly with disable (both in luxury balls) you may be interested in (I'll need help cloning tho)
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    Red Line Trade Shop.

    I want your HP fire froakie- I can trade you an available Shiny gastly- Luxury ball, male, timid 5iv with disable and 6iv Naive shiny gibles with Luxury ball, and Rough skin once I get someone to clone it
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    Cloning Services

    I'll get you to clone some of my pokes? of course you can keep duplicates I've got to clone- shinies 5iv - Aron, Noibat (think you are looking for these) 6iv naive gibles, gastly, charmander I can also give you a 5iv brave snover for your troubles I can trade you once I get home from work- 8 hours
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    Red Line Trade Shop.

    can you clone pokemon?
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    FT: 100+ 5-6iv shinies LF: Rare 5-6 Shinies

    Can you clone? I want a copy of your HP fire shiny froakie for my 6iv shiny gible-male, rough skin, naive(for mixed mega) luxury ball with outrage, I'll need some help cloning tho
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    Shiny Pokemons For Trade

    I'd like one of your froakies? I've got a naive 6iv shiny HA gibles (with outrage) to trade for it Robert 2595-0267-9086
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    Goomeon's Shiny Store-ish Thing (Competitive Shinies)

    I'm interested in your HP fire timid shiny greninja (cloned), I can offer 5ivs -shiny - (timid gastly with disable, impish aron) 6ivs - non shiny (gibles naive/jolly with sand veil/rough skin, snorlax w/curse pursuit, ww, roselia) 5iv competitive(pinsir, kelfki, hustle nidoran, reckless...
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    Genesect+Lati@s+Terrakion Austin's IV, Shiny, HP Trade (24 HP, 128 Shiny, 210 Diff. 5IV/HP/Legends)

    I've added you as Friend. My FC is 2595-0267-9086