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  1. NFE Linoone-Galar (GP 0/1)

    QC 1/1, didnt check the character count but as long as thats good then this should be fine after implementing. Great work!
  2. NFE NFE Metagame Discussion

    Double posting to revive the thread and comment on my favorite NFE Pokemon Tangela :) I still think the metagame is in a really good plave but if we were to suspect anything, anything at all, maybe it would be Tangela? "Stallbreaker" Tangela of sorts is extremely rewarding and viable. Knock...
  3. ZU ZeroUsed Majors - Stage 2 Round 2

    won in 3 ggs close ones always a pleasure goat.
  4. OMotM Nominations Archive

    The Loser's Game, sketchmons, linked
  5. ZU ZeroUsed Fall Seasonal - Round 8 won in 2 ggs gl beuts in losers hope to see you in finals
  6. Project Player of the Week - Yovan33321

    Thank you czim for giving this project some extra steam and yovan you were a great assman this last PL so thank you for that. also your reaction when you didnt know assman was short for assistant manager was priceless lmao
  7. Tournament World Cup of Other Metagames IV - Player Signups

    Player Name: Ho3nConfirm3d Metagames Played: NFE Country / Region of Residence: us northeast Other Eligibility: None
  8. Announcement DJ Meri is in the House

    Thank you rozes for everything! Good luck meri you’ve down such a great job with the VR and council duties that you no doubt will make a great leader!
  9. ZU ZeroUsed Majors - Stage 2 Round 1 Won in 3 haxed hard g3 sorry man
  10. SS NU Suspect Process - Stage 9

    Snorlax: Unban

    :qwilfish: :tangela: :sandslash-alola: :stunfisk: :miltank: :rotom: SD Qwilly is a fun mon to build around. The idea of the defensive core is to just hang around long enough till you can sack something to bring Qwilly in. Then you setup and clean. That's actually not to hard given the core is...
  12. Tournament OM Spotlight League - FINALS (TIEBREAKER) won gg lets go uwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwu(muted for stretching)shifus!
  13. Im avail now!

    Im avail now!
  14. Im -5 that would be 3 pm my time and i work all day today. We could try again on my lunch break...

    Im -5 that would be 3 pm my time and i work all day today. We could try again on my lunch break, how does 2 pm my time, 9 pm yours sound?