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    thx bro! :psysly:

    thx bro! :psysly:
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    Metagame Godly Gift

    Having played this meta a lot this month, I decided to share a few thoughts. With the reduced pool of gods, building fully defensive teams became a lot more awkward after Pex's (deserved) ban. Options like Lunala and Eternatus gave good HP stats, but the defenses were okay at best. Necrozma-DM...
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    Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament VII - Cycle 2 Signups

    Forum name: SamHPL Cycle 2 Alt: LT72MS Sam Does my alt for Cycle 2 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: yes
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    Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament VII - Cycle 1 Signups

    Forum name: SamHPL Cycle 1 Alt: LT71LX Sam yes
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    Metagame Godly Gift

    Perennially the second most popular OMotM. :psysly: We got them this month.
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    Resource USUM OU ULTRA Viability Ranking Thread

    I'd imagine that to justify such a huge drop (a whole rank), you'd need to base it heavily on recent changes to the metagame. A lot of what you said (Volc doesn't like SR, can't get past both Tran and Pex with the same set, gets usually stopped by Chansey, etc.) was just well-known facts about...
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    Metagame Trademarked

    End of the month coming, so I'm gonna share the other team I built after sharing my old one. It's kind of my take on stall in Trademarked, it's based around putting pressure with hazards and status, and that comes which its pros and cons. The theme of the team was always supposed to be me...
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    Metagame Follow the Leader

    Last post in 2017... that's sad :( Anyway, I was having fun creating teams around some leaders I thought had potential, so here they are (keep in mind they were only tested against the boss himself Abyssal Bot, so... ye) : I created these teams some time apart and only realized the 5...
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    Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    Nature Swap, Metagamiate, Typemons, Follow the Leader
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    Metagame Trademarked

    It's crazy how well this sums up my feelings about Sub too. As I talked about how fun Clefable's team was, there was the implication of how fun using Sub can be, too. I can see how it's by nature too strong, but sometimes it feels like only a few sub users (Tran, Maro-A) with proper support...
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    Metagame Trademarked

    Nice of you to mention me for no reason lol. And why are you assuming I haven't tried Conk out? The whole reason I suggested Conk getting ranked (I didn't even suggest placement) is because I found a lot of success using it in a TR balance team (the team I used for Hoopa reqs). Now, if you're...
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    Metagame Trademarked

    I'm voting BAN. I didn't even know if I was gonna actually go for reqs and was just trying some stuff out at low ladder and decided to use Clefable's team. I just kept playing not even really thinking about it and ended up only realizing how close I was when I was at like 25 games. Really...
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    Metagame Trademarked

    I'm sorry for picking apart another post, but how is Buzzwole one of the best sub abusers in the meta and Conk sucks as a sub user? Conk has a 100+ HP sub, STAB FPunch and access to Knock Off, it's slightly stronger than Buzz and way slower, fitting TR well. If we were to ban the sub users ktüt...
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    Metagame Trademarked

    I think you do bring some good points and it's nice to have a diverse array of opinions, but I don't think this part is exactly accurate - sure, Ubers can't really ban PDon, because it's Ubers at the end of the say, but that doesn't mean PDon isn't extremely overcentralizing and that it wouldn't...
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    Metagame Trademarked

    With everything that's happening, I feel like Sub may not be sticking around for much longer in the meta, so I decided to post this team I've been using along with a feat that I'm proud of! Sub Heatran + Toxic Spikes Tentacruel Semi-Stall (Peaked #1, 40-0) As you may (or may not)...