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    Project USUM PU Victim of the Week [Week 38: Me First Pinsir]

    Raticate-Alola @ Choice Band Ability: Hustle EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Sucker Punch - Knock Off - Pursuit - Return Functions similarly to Skunk as a check, but the difference is that Rat's power means you don't even have to predict to trap it: 252+ Atk Choice Band Hustle...
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    Metagame Fortemons

    The thing with Spit Up is that it's meant to consume Stockpile stacks on use- which isn't really broken. If it was fixed to work as it should then it wouldn't be an issue.
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    Metagame Fortemons

    Facade doesn't double in power when asleep unfortunately. Also I tried using Snore on ROM a while back and it didn't work, dunno if the coding was unfinished or just glitched.
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    Metagame np: USUM PU Stage 4.5- Spikes [Minior Quickban]

    For me not banning Kingler came down to its combination of underwhelming bulk and speed. While Kingler does lack many solid counters, I find checks are sufficient in dealing with it since it's likely only going to get 1 or 2 chances a game to come in a break stuff in the first place. Yes, mons...
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    USUM PU Suspect Process - Stage 4 Voting

    Kingler: Do Not Ban
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    Metagame PU Squad Dump

    Tailwind Volbeat Balance Volbeat @ Rocky Helmet Ability: Prankster EVs: 248 HP / 8 Atk / 252 Def Impish Nature - Roost - Encore - U-turn - Tailwind Aggron @ Choice Band Ability: Rock Head EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Head Smash - Earthquake - Heavy Slam...
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    Metagame Fortemons

    Even a completely uninvested in hp Ferrothorn (but like, who is gonna give the bot a team with that spread) upon taking a 58% drain punch would mean Buzzwole would recover around 40%. It's definitely not stacking as it should. Anyway here's a set: Tapu Lele @ drainingkiss Ability: Psychic...
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    Metagame Fortemons

    Yeah, but 58% of an hp invested Ferrothorn is 205hp, which works out at about 50% for a full hp Buzzwole which sits at 417hp, so it's definitely not working as it should.
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    Metagame Fortemons

    The stacking of draining moves doesn't seem to be working on ROM- at turn 20 here is a Buzzwole with Leech Life as its item Drain Punching a Ferrothorn for 58%, and only recovering 24% of its hp.
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    Metagame Fortemons

    Oh duh yeah thanks, was just using the calc set without thinking. Probably worth going with a non -attk nature then for the guaranteed kill on Chansey with explosion.
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    Metagame Fortemons

    Vanilluxe @ Weather Ball Ability: Snow Warning EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe Modest Nature - Blizzard - Freeze-Dry - Explosion - Frost Breath The only mon to get weather ball and self-setting weather. Your coverage is mono ice + freeze dry which actually isn't all that bad and it's backed by...
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    Metagame Scalemons

    Rattata-Alola @ Choice Band Ability: Hustle Happiness: 0 EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Frustration - Pursuit - Crunch - U-turn / Quick Attack / Sucker Punch 30/143/89/63/89/184 This mon is dumb- outspeeds even Abra and hits about as hard as Bunnelby (870 vs 900...
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    Resource USUM PU Viability Rankings

    I think Victreebel should rise but I'm not sure it should do so based on its Sun sets, particularly when Aurorus is such a prominent mon and brings trouble to the playstyle as a whole. Instead I think it should do so for this set: Victreebel @ Life Orb Ability: Chlorophyll EVs: 132 HP / 252...