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    Proposal Do not give a bye if your opponent is DQ'd because of cheating, let the person who lost last round back in

    There should be a clear proof that the player who lost to a cheater was actually cheated, or better, had their chances to win altered in a non legitimate way. This situation occurs when: the opponent is an alt (they shouldn't be there at all in first place then it's reasonable to give a bye in...
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    Non c'è male dai :)

    Non c'è male dai :)
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    Passavo come stai carissimo?

    Passavo come stai carissimo?
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    Proposal Revisiting the timings of Smogon Tour

    I'm sure that I've discussed about this topic looong time ago (couldn't find anything on forums so it shoulda been happened on discord, maybe), proposing to take advantage of the 3x3 format to make timings suitable for all the 3 "major timezones", which are: Americas, EU/Africa, Asia/Oceania...
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    The World Cup of Pokémon 2021 - Signups

    Player Name: Slimmer Country / Region of Residence: Italy Other Eligibility: Belgium, LA
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    Thank you

    Thank you
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    How should Zamazenta-C be tiered? (RESOLVED)

    Zamazenta-C has no technical difference with Giratina-O since: - Zamazenta and Zamazenta-C have different stats, as Giratina and Giratina-O; - Zamazenta-C and Giratina-O can be used only when they hold their peculiar item. I think the "Why should Zamazenta-C not be tiered seperately?" whole...
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    Proposal SPL Format Discussion

    Hi As former pizza pl organizer I highly discourage the use of a pool of selectable tiers. We tried that option for two consecutive editions iirc and the result was kinda awful in terms of quality. What you get at the end is every team trying to choose the other team's weakest gen in order to...
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    Meritato, tocca festeggiare

    Meritato, tocca festeggiare
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    Ti dona il blu

    Ti dona il blu
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    The World Cup of Pokémon 2020 - Finals [Won by Team Italy]

    Se 10 anni fa avessi detto che sarebbe successo mi avrebbero preso tutti per coglione Bravi amici :3