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  1. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 36 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    Does anyone have a spare Charizardite-Y or Mewtwonite-Y? Thank you in advance.
  2. [COMPLETED] Aggron

    recalced it with Filter. Adaptability +2 Vacuum Wave: 758 Atk vs 259 Def & 344 HP (40 Base Power): 255 - 300 (74.13% - 87.21%), max damage misses OHKO by 1 HP Adaptability +0 Vacuum Wave: 379 Atk vs 259 Def & 344 HP (40 Base Power): 129 - 153 (37.50% - 44.48%), 3HKO Adaptability +0 Aura Sphere...
  3. [COMPLETED] Aggron

    edit: forgot Filter. I'm stupid.
  4. [QC 0/3] Abomasnow

    Focus Blast has no effect on Aegislash.
  5. Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)

    I know this didn't make the list, but my 64 match win streak ended when the opponent's Gengar CH'd my burned Conkeldurr. My last pokemon (Darmanitan) was asleep. Eviolite Porygon2 is amazing in Battle Subway. It survived a 200 BP Reversal from Lucario, took like 35-40% from Soul Dew Latios'...
  6. Milotic (Flame Orb)

    Flame/Toxic Orb is almost never a good idea on Milotic, as the item pretty much strips away Milotic's tanking ability. Milotic loses 12.5% HP per turn from Flame Orb, when it would have recovered 6.25% with leftovers, a difference of 18.75% when Milotic is not at full health. The opponent would...
  7. Empoleon (Update)

    a small nitpicky thing: do the 24 def EVs in the Agility SubPetaya set help Empoleon survive any physical attacks in particular? I don't see why 30 IVs in HP is necessary. putting 12 EVs in HP and 12 in Def (with 31 HP IV) would make Empoleon's HP 4 points higher while its Def would only be 3...
  8. US Regional Qualifier - Newark, NJ, June 12th, 2010 - WON BY TTS

    I'm not new to Smogon, but this will be my first VGC. Is there a lot of informal OU/UU singles battling going on throughout the day? I don't expect to get far in VGC, since I have little experience with doubles (and even less with VGC doubles), but I would definitely be interested in having...
  9. Cloyster (Update)*

    I think that Focus Sash should be mentioned in the lead set description as an alternative to Life Orb. While it does not give Cloyster as much power as Life Orb, it does guarantee Cloyster at least one turn to Spike, attack, or Explode against random crits or more powerful special attacks than...
  10. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 23 (READ THE OP)

    Regarding the mechanics of Beat Up: when the move description says "Beat Up uses base Attack and base Defense for these calculations", does this mean damage dealt is determined by plugging in base Attack and Defense number (and 10 power non-STAB) into the damage calculator? for example, for...
  11. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 22 (READ THE OP)

    are the capture rates still 3 for Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres, Raikou/Entei/Suicune, Ho-Oh/Lugia, and Mewtwo? this may be sheer luck, but I caught Articuno, Moltres, and Ho-Oh with my first Dusk Ball when they were at around 5% and asleep, so I'm suspecting that catching legends got easier.
  12. OU Speed Tiers

    sorry, the Ludi/Metagross stat was a typo on my part. It should be neutral nature, 252 speed. They both have 239 speed with 252 ev's neutral nature, 478 speed at +2.
  13. OU Speed Tiers

    remove 223: +1 hits 334 Speed since Garchomp is now Uber add: 392 / Rhyperior / 40 / +Speed / +2 / 252 478 / Ludicolo, Metagross / 70 / +Speed / +2 / 252 (ties with Latias/Gengar Neutral +1, which is already listed)
  14. DPP Ludicolo (OU Analysis)*

    In the paragraph of the OU Offensive Rain set that begins with "Modest nature and 196 Speed EVs reaches 225 Speed", you should also mention that max speed Modest Ludicolo in the rain will speed tie with Modest Choice Scarf Gengar and Latias (478 speed) and outrun the ones that use HP Fire.
  15. DPP Heatran (Trapper)*

    I haven't seen a max speed neutral natured Tyranitar in a very long time. Most neutral speed Tyranitars only need a little bit of speed investment to do their job, such as Choice Band, which runs enough speed to outrun base 70's with small investments. The Tyranitars that need lots of speed...