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    Metagame SWSH Gen8 PU Speculation Thread

    If you dmax the seaking then max geyser from waterfall sets the rain up so it gets double speed and the rain bonus on waterfall (and your next max geyser). Seaking specifically because it's the second strongest physical swift swim water mon that PU had last gen that's returning in gen 8 behind...
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    Metagame SWSH Gen8 PU Speculation Thread

    Talking about Galarian forms specifically this time instead of new mons: Mr. Mime-Galar @ Eviolite Ability: Screen Cleaner EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Psyshock - Ice Beam - Nasty Plot - Rapid Spin Galarian Mr. Mime seems really strong. Like really...
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    Metagame SWSH Gen8 PU Speculation Thread

    With the new Generation, I thought I'd give a few sets and my own 2 cents on some of the possible new PU mons! Boltund @ Life Orb Ability: Strong Jaw EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Thunder Fang - Psychic Fangs - Fire Fang - Volt Switch Boltund seems like a cool...
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    Purugly (WIP)

    yeah I've been working on it in google docs, forgot to post my progress lol
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    Purugly (WIP)

    [OVERVIEW] - One of the few Pokemon to get access to the ability Defiant - Decent 82 attack and absurd base 112 speed - great choice for hazard reliant teams to punish defoggers. - moderately sized movepool with strong priority and decent coverage - has painfully below average defenses [SET]...
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    OM Analyses Reservation Index

    reserving Purugly for zu
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    Resource SM ZU Viability Rankings (VR Changes #375)

    The problem I personally had with the set was the fact that it always 2HKO'd most things it hit, so while they can't switch in, if they get a free switchin or use priority before you hit you'll quickly be losing damage and you'll notice a lot of the 2HKOs can turn into 3HKOs pretty quickly. Make...
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    is this a threat?

    is this a threat?
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    Metagame ZeroUsed Metagame Discussion

    kinda late post but still needs to be said, a lot of other people included most of the things I wanted to include so I recommend you read everyone's thoughts before you decide for yourself whether or not you think this mon is ban or DNB Rotom-Frost is an incredibly centralizing force on the...
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    Metagame ZeroUsed Metagame Discussion

    Time for a standard.Musharna post: Musharna is an absolute monster in the meta right now, with great bulk for setting up calm mind as well as great special attack to abuse its decent special movepool including moves like Stored Power, Signal Beam, and Dazzling Gleam which allow for both an...
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    Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    ZU, scalemons
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    The ZU Open: Round Four

    lost, ggs! Wasn't prepared for those flames tbh
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    my alt is SlarFlar, I'm in the ZU room you can't miss me lol

    my alt is SlarFlar, I'm in the ZU room you can't miss me lol