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    Enchanted Items [Now Multibility]

    Hmm... I will miss old Enchanted Items... But I thing new Multibility is much better than EI, allowing you to choose between all items OR all not banned extra abilities. For some mons propably old sets will work great also on 7 gen, but with some nerf in play... A lot of abilities are also for...
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    Balanced Hackmons Suspects and Bans

    On single format - yes, that doesn't really matter. The only diffrence is just in 5 accuracy and we swap name of new usually used move... thats it... If we think also about Spore... well... That one is actually blocked by SOMETHING... not only Insomnia/Vital Spirit/Magic Bounce (that one...
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    Nature's Fear (Now Playable!)

    Hmm... I could see here high crit chance sets being second the most eficient way to deal with Nature Fear. Ignoring your debuf on Attack could be handy, and ignoring positive boost on defense from Contrary pokemon. is also something what we could deal with. Another strategy what could work...
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    Partners in Crime

    What about Simple + Geomancy + Cottom Guard Combo? With Stored Power? Even when you face Unaware pokemon, you still have sick 380 base power move. And other teammates can pass Mold Breaker (Now it didn't work, but if it start work...), and because of nature of PiC, you have absolutly no problem...
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    Zero Sum Meta

    All people wonder how broken Sturdy Fear strategy could be... While simple Leftovers break a Sturdy if pokemon is not on full HP. Also... have in mind that FEAR after loosing all HP will also HEAL oponent first, if they decide to actually do damage. That means that Magnemite will never kill...
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    Project OU Theorymon

    Armaldo + Regenerator and Head Smash I like this option the most.
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    The All Stars Metagame V2: Enter the PU (A pokemon from each tier)

    Hmm... Ditto might be really good because of ability to have potencialy two mega/OU pokemons in team. Also... Rotom Forms might be usefull because of good stats... Scyther also is really good one: really solid speed, attack, acces to Eviolite, boosting in SD, coverage enought good for sweaping...
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    Imprisoned [Playable on ROM]

    What about Hidden Power? Technicaly it doesn't matter what a type this move will have, you always use the same move. It that means if one pokemon use HP Fire, oponent will not be able to use HP Ice for example? Also... Encore might be interesting move in this metagame. If we can block oponent...
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    Enchanted Items [Now Multibility]

    The trick is gaining that stats first before Ferrothorn will beat this pokemon after paralysing AND knocking out. While Gyro Ball will not deal more damage, reduced by 25% healing on move with 8 pp's and 25% chance to lose turn means Maractus will have big problem dealing with that Ferrothorn...
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    Enchanted Items [Now Multibility]

    This Maractus is weak to pokemon with Unaware... Or Prankster Haze... Yeah, you have guaranted Ferrothorn, but if oponent have pokemon against set-up sweaper, this set will also fail against him. Still - this pokemon can win with any team with Ferrothorn AND wihout anti set up sweaper pokemon...
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    Enchanted Items [Now Multibility]

    I just realize something about Ilusion: Because we can't change order of pokemons, Ilusion will ALWAYS looking like last pokemon in team (I mean when team is created, "last" pokemon means the most on right. I will write a lot about "last" pokemon, so have in mind what a "last" pokemon I...
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    Enchanted Items [Now Multibility]

    What about Ilusion? This ability is so good with a lot of others abilities: Any immunnity to type, Magic Guard, Magic Bounce, Prankster, Regenerator... Even Zoroark can easly find something for him, but because Zoroark can have only Ilusion from natural abilities, we can expect when oponent...
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    Enchanted Items [Now Multibility]

    Hmm... really interesting moveset I must say... I think I could use this one... one day... But I write post because information about Knock Off. Someone told me this move DOES gain buff even when you can't remove oponents item when give ability. I hear someone test it... Sadly I can't show...
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    Enchanted Items [Now Multibility]

    I just test with Aaryan1 two thing: First: combo Weak Armor + Contrary Shuckle - how will react this combination against contact move. We now know is correct for sure: after contact move, Shuckle boost defensive stat and debuff speed. Second: how Acrobatics will work with item with ability...
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    Enchanted Items [Now Multibility]

    Item (if I remember corectly) are unremovable by any move and abilities. Knock Off will deal normal damage (not boosted by x1.5) and item will stay on pokemon. You have no recoil and you gain damage boost... But I have question: Why you use Reckles and Rock Head? If you have natural Reckles -...