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    SPOILERS! Mysteries and Conspiracies of Pokemon

    After searching the dark corners of internet art, I believe I may've actually have found the original. The author goes by the name shigino sohuzi. I don't think I can link anything or say the site's name as it is pretty nsfw in some places (though I don't believe the author has posted anything...
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    Your Evil Team

    While I'm not sure of the specifics, my idea for an Evil Team would be them acting as a sort of rebel group. While I enjoy the previous ones I feel a break from the more mafia or cultish evil teams would be a nice change of pace. And unlike the games where people are either against the evil team...
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    Blursed Image thread

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    Cursed Image Thread

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    Pokemon BDSP Playthrough Discussion

    Indeed you can, even Roamers will respawn, which didn't until Platinum. Also for Shaymin it is confirmed that if you flee and leave the area it'll respawn, something that will likely continue when the Events officially released.
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    Memes You Found Mk. 2

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    Some of the best Pokemon sprites

    The way Steelix swivels gives it a lot of energy and personality, especially for a giant metal snake
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    SPOILERS! Mysteries and Conspiracies of Pokemon

    That's really shocking, I also always assumed Clefairy was the og mascot. While doing my own research, I found some good articles as to why Pikachu was chosen to represent the Franchise, which seem to back up the idea that Clefairy was never really considered the mascot, at least by the...
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    SPOILERS! Mysteries and Conspiracies of Pokemon

    One good possibility for Cleffa I've thought of is that they don't have the same connection to the night as Clefairy, as all Dex entries that mention the night only mention nights with shooting stars, while the RSE Dex entry also mentions that in the morning for some sweet mountain morning dew...
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    Memes You Found Mk. 2

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    Blursed Image thread

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    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Yeah it's not a huge deal (hence the thread) but it's very annoying nonetheless. People do play at different speeds, I beat the game in like 4 days and I feel I could've easily gone faster if I chose to. Also people could easily miss Friday not knowing they need Drifloon to access the post-game...
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    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    One thing that seriously annoyed me is that if you complete the Hearthome Gym Puzzle correctly you will never see Drifblim, so the only way to enounter it would be to wait until Friday at Valley Windworks. The game is seriously penalizing us for solving a Gym Puzzle.
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    Your weird and wacky dreams

    I rarley dream but when I do it's always weird One time me and my family fled outside my house due to Carbon Monoxide filling the house, but then I realized we left our pet fish inside and he was likely dead. Seeing as we had a very real gas leak a few months back, this dream probably played...