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  1. STABs Pokemon Emporium

    Drillbur is fine I can trade either late tonight or tomorrow night
  2. STABs Pokemon Emporium

    I’ll have Darm for you by tomorrow night
  3. STABs Pokemon Emporium

    What would yiu want for it?
  4. STABs Pokemon Emporium

    I’m interested, let me know what you’re offering
  5. STABs Pokemon Emporium

    currently updating more breedables
  6. STABs Pokemon Emporium

    Yeah I have a ton of Swinubs on hand and I can breed up a Bunnelby fairly quickly. What are you offering?
  7. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 50 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    Looking for someone to help me clone my ditto PM me if you're able to help
  8. STABs Pokemon Emporium

    You may post now be aware I have more breedable Pokemon available, the list will be fully updated tomorrow
  9. STABs Pokemon Emporium

    FOR TRADE On Hand (pokemon I have bred and ready to go) IVs: 31 X 31 31 31 31 Ability: Hustle Nature: Timid Egg Moves: Belch Ball: Dusk IVs: 31 31 31 X 31 31 Abilities: Thick Fat, Oblivious, Snow Cloak Nature: Adamant or Jolly Egg Moves: Icicle Crash, Freeze Dry (upon request) Ball: Heal...
  10. STABs Pokemon Emporium

    WANTS Drillbur IVs: 31 31 31 X 31 31 Nature: Jolly Ability: Sand Rush OR Mold Breaker Impidimp IVs: 31 31 31 X 31 31 Nature: Impish Ability: Prankster G Max Machamp at least 4 IVs Adamant Nature Zigzagoon IVs: 31 31 31 X 31 31 Nature: Jolly or Adamant Ability: Gluttony Egg Moves: Knock...
  11. STABs Pokemon Emporium

    COMING SOON (Pokemon I am planning to add to the shop) Current Projects (Orders I am working on) Completed Orders (trades I have completed)
  12. STABs Pokemon Emporium

    Online Status: Online
  13. STABs Pokemon Emporium

    Keep in mind that I have a full time job so I will make sure to complete each order in a timely manner, more specific requests will take some time This shop is Generation VIII only. All Pokemon are bred/caught by me and are fully redistributable I am not looking for shinies, please do not offer...
  14. aye hit me up its been a while :)

    aye hit me up its been a while :)
  15. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 45 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    anyone got a digglet spitback with reversal?