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    TailGlow's phone-in show (This Week: Next Best Thing)

    I'm sorry, I should have said it's one entry each only. I'll let you keep your three, but don't do any more.
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    TailGlow's phone-in show (This Week: Next Best Thing)

    In addition to the entries here, I received 23 phone entries to the competition, 17 of which are disqualified due to being the same person calling over and over again with an amusing variety of options. The others I shall list here: A bedsheet. A doorknob. An albino woolly mammoth. A plate of...
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    Pokémon Movepool Oddities & Explanations

    My understanding is that Wood Hammer is not 'using a piece of wood as a hammer'. It's supposed to involve charging into the target with a hard, plant body and hitting it downward like a hammer (the wood is probably chosen as it is plant-related and strong).
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    How full is your glass?

    Me: I want to know what happened to the glass before the water was put in it. If it was filled halfway then it is half full, if it was filled completely then someone removed some of the water it is half emptied. If it always has had half a glass of water in it then... I want to know how that is...
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    TailGlow's phone-in show (This Week: Next Best Thing)

    Right, so CaffeineBoost gave me their answer to the question. Now I'll reveal whether you got it correct, but please wait precisely 17.6 seconds before opening the hidden box below: BUST! Sorry, CaffeineBoost! We will collect your 500 napkins from you during the week. Better luck next time...
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    Just to let you know, you are getting close to your deadline for answering the phone-in show...

    Just to let you know, you are getting close to your deadline for answering the phone-in show question. Answer by the end of today if you want to win your beef and keep the napkins!
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    Smogoff Plays Cookie Clicker

    Buy 3 Grandmas, then 5 Farms. Also name yourself Orteil I won't mind if you go back later
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    TailGlow's phone-in show (This Week: Next Best Thing)

    OK, I've been told to hurry up a bit with the show, so I present you the chance to win a lifetime's supply of beef... or lose five hundred napkins. It all comes down to whether you can answer the question: *presses question generator button* What is beef?
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    TailGlow's phone-in show (This Week: Next Best Thing)

    Due to budget reductions, I've been forced out of the recording studio where I previously did my weekly phone-in game slot and reduced to a thread on Smogon. (Yes, I asked them about calling it a post-in show instead, was told it 'ruins the station's reputation' if one of their most popular...
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    When I clicked on the thread I wondered for a second if this was going to be something to do with Greg Davies's sitcom series... Anyway, someone near me hired pest control due to a recent outbreak of rats in their house, and they did such a good job I was wondering if they took it too far...
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    Pokemon Shuffle General Discussion

    Interesting idea. Is there any team you'd recommend for doing this using things I can get right now or soon? I know optimal survival mode teams have been worked out, but they use things I can't really obtain at my present point, and of course I only need to get to around 50, as you say. Your...
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    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for April 2022 (May @ #40)

    Glastrier in ZU... I didn't think it was good when they revealed it, but I didn't see it finishing the gen in Untiered either...
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    Pokemon Shuffle General Discussion

    Hello, sorry to revive an old chat, but I picked up this game a week ago (on mobile) and have now reached stage 204. I have followed advice on this thread, but unfortunately did spend quite a few coins recently on Great Balls due to frustration with Aerodactyl and the fact that I couldn't turn...
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    Smogon SS OU history fanfic [Comments Section]

    Can we have a large flock of Mandibuzz that, after being a major force in the first two acts, die out massively in the Crown Tundra arc, but one Mandibuzz keeps going successfully and tries to get the rest of the survivors to return to no avail?
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    Beef Related Meals

    If you're finding beef too expensive or environmentally damaging, you could always try the wartime beef substitute as suggested by the Beef Front (with thanks to the Beef and Dairy Network for releasing the archive episode that includes the recipe): 1. You need six carrots, a turnip, a lump of...