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    Role Playing Philosopher's Stone War VI - Postgame

    responding to von's post now: INFO I feel that if we're going to have info on enemy champions be influential in the outcomes of fights, then either it needs to provide a concrete, numerical advantage (easily the simpler method to implement, but fairly bland), or abilities will need to be...
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    Role Playing Philosopher's Stone War VI - Postgame

    gonna ruminate on von's post for a day or two then respond in length
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    Pathfinder/D&D - Carrion Crown (Pathfinder Campaign of like levels 1-16)

    interested, but for various reasons other potential players should be prioritized over me
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    Anime and Manga Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    can't wait to see all of overlord's cgi contributions
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    Cardgame Thread (guilds of ravnica mechanics spoiled!)

    Blocks between og ravnica and rtr: time spiral, lorwyn/shadowmoor, alara, og zendikar, scars of mirrodin, og innistrad (6 blocks, or 19 sets) Blocks between rtr and rtrtr: theros, khans, bfz, shadows over innistrad, kaladesh, amonkhet, ixalan, dominaria (17 sets) while it's not been as many...
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    The Last Jedi

    in response to the people wondering why the first order was able to take over so easily after the activation of starkiller base: remember that they're directly descended from the remnants of palpatine's army from the end of ep6; these aren't some assholes who sprung up between 6 and 7, they're a...
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    literally everyone? jiren was obviously intended to be the "final boss" of the tournament itself, although i get the feeling that the end of the tournament isn't the end of the arc
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    Role Playing Pathfinder RPG Iron Gods Signups

    confirming expression of interest, although if enough new players express interest i'll bow out to allow them room
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    League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

    if they still refuse to unban your old account, there's no real reason to make a new one; you're better off doing something else with your free time
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    Fire Emblem [Discord Channel in Topic]

    Team Dozla has finished drafting RODAN: Franz/Cormag/Tana/Duessel/Gerik/Dozla/Knoll theangryscientist: Vanessa/Gilliam/Natasha/Ross/Saleh/Ewan/Innes smashlloyd20: Moulder/Kyle/Artur/Joshua/Garcia/Amelia/Rennac Drew: Forde/Lute/Colm/L'arachel/Marisa/Neimi/Syrene gilliam's wrecking face already...
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    Role Playing Shadows of Baine - level 3

    expressing interest, but put me at a lower priority; i'd rather leave room for newer players and my weekends are already a bit cramped
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    Fire Emblem [Discord Channel in Topic]

    saying it here too: any time tonight is fine for me for doing the draft
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    Big Pathfinder Viva Mafia (Smogon Thread) - Wolf Meta (UncleSam and Yeti win) - postgame P4, 91-92

    I'd like to apologize to my team for my inactivity; I should've been more involved than I was (or just not joined at all)
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    Nintendo Switch

    i'm not sure why people are complaining about the $300 price point when that's actually fairly low for a new console disregarding that, my hype for the switch died almost completely when i heard about the paid online and the nonexistent launch library, and seeing the price points for the...