Hey peeps. I'm TheCamelDude, but you can just call me CamelDude, or Camel, or Cam, or De Lord o' Camelz, or Oh-My-God-Please-Don't-Kill-Me-Lord-Camel-Dude!, or my real name Brian if you should so desire. I like having fun, and battling on Pokemon Showdown. Btw I know a lot more about Pokemon den u, so shut up :3 jk. Look me up in the Competitive Tutoring room if u wanna have a bit of fun to pass the time, or get battle tips, or anything else. I spend half my life there, but whatever. I'M A NERD AND I'M PROUD OF IT, SO U CAN'T CRITICIZE ME! Also, I sometimes use alts. So yeah. There's only 1 other thing you need to know about me. Even though it's painfully obvious, I'm gonna tell u anyway: CAMELZ FTW, BISHES! Adios!
Jul 12, 1996 (Age: 27)
Massachusetts, USA
Real Name
Brian Limeri
Favorite Pokémon


Personal slogan: CAMELZ FTW, BISHES!!
-Copyrighted, so shuddup about stealing it. Or replacing words to steal it. >:U