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  1. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

    Lol, ive never seen a pika like that so ill take your word for it. I was very pissed at my game, it just felt like such a waste after an hour......left a sour taste in my mouth. But sorry for not getting back on to tell you either
  2. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

    Whoa dude, my game froze on me and you wouldnt have won. My milotic had more pp than yours on all his moves and your other two werent capable of bringing it down. But whatever dude if you want a W that bad i have no problem jumping on and running for you. I wasnt able to be online to tell you...
  3. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

    Berserker is right. You should read the rules and random d/c do happen so you should try to work it out before you tattle on someone. Don't be so quick to report people. Talk it out with the other party first to see if it is a miscommunication, or if the other person is just an asshole. In the...
  4. The Supe Kitchen

    cmt for this Altaria Nature: Adamant Ability: Natural Cure Gender: Female (LightningFusion) IVs: 31|31|31|17|31|31 EVs: 72HP|252Atk|184Spe Moveset: Outrage, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Roost
  5. The Pedarsag's Palace: Home of the RNG Pokedex

    CMT for this Shiny Charizard Nature: Adamant Ability: Blaze IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31 Lv. 50 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Def
  6. /me cresselias

    CMT fot this Miltonic's Snorlax ♂ NN: Lil'Bear Sassy/Thick Fat IVs: 31/31/31/26/31/9 Moves: Counter/Selfdestruct/Fire Punch/Curse Availability: L50 EVd Tradability- Fully redistributable on Smogon.
  7. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

    I was just glancing over the blacklist and i noticed a couple people that i know on it. Is there some way to put that label under there name like the way it will currently say "I could be banned". I think the added transparency would save alot of headaches for smogonites
  8. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

    i was wrong, i admit it. i have encountered alot of douchbags lately so i jumped the gun and assumed the worst. i didnt care if it was a blacklist offense i just wanted to call him out. he isnt a dick(seems like a pretty nice guy), i was so im sorry
  9. Eiganjo's UU/RU/NU Emporium! FREE VGC Mons inside!

    Careful Bibarel (M) Level 4 IV's:31/31/31/6/31/31 EV's: Pending Moveset: Tackle Ability: Simple Egg moves: N/A Hidden Power: Electric, Power 70 Only available UT as a level 4 Bidoof CMT for this
  10. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

    ill vouch for regen. last night we battled and i was winning due to alot of hax but he stayed till the end
  11. Marshall D Teach

    DRAGONITE Name:Tiamat *sun symbol* | Ability:Inner Focus | OT:ERIC!!! Rash | Male 31|31|30|30|31|31 Hidden Power: Grass 70 252 SPATT/ 200 SPE/ 56 ATT Draco Meteor Superpower Fire Blast Hidden Power (Grass 70) Available: EV'D LV. 55 W/LIFE ORB I like this guy alot. can you clone?
  12. Alex&Bitter - pizza shop

    im not gonna wast your time by saying cmt. i just wanted to tell you two that you have the fucking best list of pokes ive seen on wifi
  13. How about not resetting the SQSR thread in wifi?

    I agree with pokerama completely. I lost about 150 post on the last reset and that does matter to people like me who do participate but still look like noobs. P/C isnt the only gauge to see how much someone participates, i have over 200 p/m and those are just as important. Now im not trying to...
  14. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

    I want to confirm that i had a fishy disconnect with O.T.L. also. Like a month ago i was creaming him and he d/c with two pokes left and then logged out when i asked about it
  15. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

    id like to report MN Trainer. we had a battle that he set up with the mic on and proceeded to call me names and act like a dick. if you can read our post on each others pages it would fill you in. i am against reporting people unless they really irritate me but i hate to play agianst people like him