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  1. Garchomp

    doesn't matter, you don't face scraftys in ubers
  2. The Smogon Frontier [Won by Bloo]

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  3. Volcarona

    i think it's pretty clear what i meant by that
  4. Volcarona

    i did some calcs, and heatran's roar + sr beat volcarona 98% of the times
  5. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 4 - Blaze of Glory

    so from now on we will use gravity magnetons to counter SVchomps
  6. Hydreigon

    mach punch is not the only fighting move, there is also holy sword, brick break, focus blast, superpower, hjk, etc... these moves will send you to oblivion if the opponent predict the switch, and sazandora is not that quick, considering that the users of those moves usually carry some sort of...
  7. Shedinja

    oh, you must be new here!