The best robot vacuum cleaner: The top choices that you can actually trust

Up until now, robot vacuum cleaners have seemed like the perfect choice for busy homeowners. The idea of having an automated butler that helps clean your house while you’re away, doing your own business, has never lost its attractiveness.

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However, the problem with today’s robot vacuum cleaners is that there are still many problems with them. On top of that, because the market has been flooded with a variety of different products featuring unique designs and technologies, it’s difficult for the average user to decide which one to go for.

In this post, we’ll provide all the important aspects of the best robot vacuum cleaner as well as complete robot vacuum reviews to help you decide whether to purchase one.

Find the perfect product for you with our robot vacuum cleaner reviews.

About robot vacuum cleaners

Are they worth it?

To start with, you’ll quickly find that most robotic vacuums are available at a relatively higher price than your average uprights or canister vacs. Even with low-end products, you’ll have to spend a decent amount to own them.

However, if you often clean your house, you have probably realized by now that vacuuming is boring and tiring. This is not something many of us can do frequently. Hence, the idea of having an automated robot vac do the job for you can be quite enticing.

In addition, with recent improvements and changes, most robot vacuums are able to function properly and they come with useful features, just like their classic counterparts. Some even allow you to make use of voice command and be controlled through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Nonetheless, while it’s up to your personal preference as to whether you should purchase a robot vacuum cleaner, we believe it’s the right time to give them a try.

How to choose the right one

Here you’ll find all the important factors regarding the best robot vacuum. Learn how to pick up the best robotic vacuum cleaner with our guides:

Accurate mapping

One of the most common issues that a robot vacuum cleaner tends to run into is inaccurate mapping. This makes your vacuum cleaner perform poorly, even when it’s working on a relatively flat and stable surface.

With that in mind, you should first make sure that your product features smart mapping technologies which use laser light or camera to direct its path. In addition, some devices are capable of drawing their own maps of your entire house once they have done enough cleaning. This will allow users to easily program the vacuum to work on certain places in the room with ease.


Generally speaking, you shouldn’t compare robot vacuums with your normal upright or canister ones. Even with the best vacuum robot, the suction power is incomparable to that of an upright or canister vacuum. This is why you can’t expect a robot vacuum to deep clean as well as its counterparts do.

However, your vacuum must still perform well on common surfaces, including hardwood floors and carpets. Hence, it should have decent suction power to deal with a variety of debris as well as a powerful battery to ensure its longevity.

Smart controls

Along with smart mapping technology, your robotic vacuum must feature a smart control system. It should also come with a mobile app so you can easily customize the cleaning experience.

If possible, you can invest in more high-end products which feature voice commands and smart controls through Amazon Alexa.

Dealing with pet hair and allergens

To protect your family’s health, your vacuum cleaners should work well with pet hair as well as fine dust. To do this, it needs not only suction power but also decent filters to prevent the allergens from being redispensed into the air.

Our best robot vacuum cleaners

If you’re wondering where to find the best robotic vacuum cleaner for your house, our robotic vacuum reviews will give you the answer.

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

Enjoy a whole new level of comfort with this amazing robotic vacuum cleaner from eufy. Featuring smart mapping and anti-collision features, this vacuum will operate with extreme silence. You won’t be able to hear any noises.

In addition, the powerful suction power of the 1300Pa will be more than enough to pick up any debris from any surface. The smart system can also determine the strength it needs to properly clean dust from multiple spots.

Most importantly, you can control it with a simple and intuitive remote that’s perfect for any user.


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➜ Good suction

➜ Smart vacuuming

➜ Anti-collision

➜ Quiet

➜ Slim design for better access


➜ Smartphone app is not available

iRobot Roomba 614

Featuring a three-stage cleaning feature, the iRobot Roomba 614 is undoubtedly one of the most effective robot vacuums out there. In addition, it features an impressive battery life which allows it to continue cleaning for up to 90 minutes. Plus, with self-charging technology, you won’t have to worry about it running low on energy.


➜ Good price

➜ Effective and durable

➜ Effective edge-sweeping brush

➜ Thorough cleaning


➜ Limited control features


If you’re excited to use the latest smart control technologies on your vacuum cleaner, the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S should definitely be your priority. This new robotic vacuum features both voice commands with Alexa and smart controls with your smartphone apps. Hence, you can enjoy the best self-cleaning experiences with your robot vacuum.


➜ Decent suction power

➜ Max power mode for doubled suction

➜ Good battery life

➜ Smart controls


➜ Not for deep cleaning

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85

Experience hassle-free house cleaning with the best rated robot vacuum from Shark. Featuring powerful suction, a decent battery life, and a large dust container, the SHARK ION R85 is capable of dealing with tougher jobs than other models can. In addition, the Wi-Fi app and voice command will allow you to control your vacuum with ease.


➜ Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

➜ Good performance

➜ Easy to use


➜ None


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This is the perfect entry-level robotic vacuum and it comes with most of the essential features you would want. The device features a low-profile design so that it can work under furniture with ease. In addition, the sweeping brush will ensure that all debris is properly collected. However, the lack of suction power prevents it from performing well on carpets. Nonetheless, the unbeatable price alone is enough to satisfy most users.


➜ Great price

➜ Decent suction power

➜ Work well on hardwood floors


➜ Not for carpets


If you’re wondering what is the best robot vacuum, hopefully you’ve found our robotic vacuum cleaner reviews to be informative. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.
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