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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Legends: Arceus *Leak Thread*

    To be clear, those SpDef boosts are coming from it Max Quaking into my team and smashing shit up, not taking the time to use any boosting moves. Assault Vest doesn't sound bad at all on it though in that theoretical dusknoir scenario though, so I guess you could self burn to get guts and become...
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Legends: Arceus *Leak Thread*

    This dude just tanks Gengar; immune to Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, and Focus Blast, resists Sludge Wave. Probably no where near enough to actually catapult it into widespread usage in 6v6 singles, but it'll make for some scary trick room teams. Thank god this thing (probably) missed out on dynamax...
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Legends: Arceus *Leak Thread*

    252 SpA Choice Specs Latios Draco Meteor vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Goodra: 172-204 (47.2 - 56%) -- 80.1% chance to 2HKO Better take Goodra to a Golden Coral because holy shit this thing EATS
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Legends: Arceus *Leak Thread*

    look man, you gotta make up for lost time when your brothers dominated the last 12 years of competitive pokemon. In all seriousness, there are so many changes to the way long time established moves work in PLA that I expect new moves to be drastically different when / if they come over into...
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Legends: Arceus *Leak Thread*

    Had an epiphany:
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Legends: Arceus *Leak Thread*

    My personal theory on what exactly is going on with this Dialga form: This is for sure one of the most divisive crop of Pokémon we’ve had in a while. I’m interested to see how being more than just a static image used for face portraits influences our view on them. Cyndaquil and Quilava have...
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Legends: Arceus *Leak Thread*

    The new forms of dialga and palkia look like someone put a horse in The Sims character creator and saw just what the fuck they could do without the game crashing.
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Legends: Arceus *Leak Thread*

    Is there any chance maybe we can get some way to separate out new Pokemon and Moveset spoilers and story spoilers? Maybe separate threads or a post in the OP with storyfree spoilers or a policy of having folks spoiler story related information even in this thread or something? I’d love to learn...
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    cringe jargon resurrection thread

    I can haz 2000-core internet memez? I think it’s made of a sufficient amount of win
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    The Podcast Thread

    I’ve been a big fan the last year or so of podcasts dealing with the far right media ecosystem and it’s wild conspiracy stuff. It’s a helpful tool for slicing through crap and making sense of a lot of it. It’s maybe not the easiest listening since it’s scary at times, but I find it a pretty...
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    What would it take for you to unironically think a gorilla lived in the apartment above yours?

    This man was made to be the best gorilla cacophony substitute possible.
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    jimbo was a gifted story teller
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    BDSP Impressions

    BDSP impressions? Sure I’ll try to do a BDSP impression. “Hello! My name is Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. I am developed by ILCA, famed developers of the excellent Pokemon Home Application and the Domino's Pizza App featuring Hatsune Miku as advertised by Scott from Domino's Pizza. I am...
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    Top 10 High-Quality Super Rare Jynx NFT Gallery (NOT Clickbait) (Do Not Steal!!)

    I can’t believe this. I wake up today and all my Jynx are gone. Someone found the password to my crypto wallet and. took. everything. $19000 WORTH OF JYNX ALL GONE EVERY LAST JYNX GONE. I really hope that OpenSeafoam can step in and blacklist these Jynx. I don’t care what the blockchain...
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    Pokemon BDSP Playthrough Discussion

    Speaking with the experience of a former Wi-Fi section mod and mod of the defunct hack checking website Pokecheck here. While I'm also not big on breeding in BDSP, any bot that is generating a Pokemon is absolutely generating it through illegitimate means. They aren't legitimate. They may be...