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    USUM NU Suspect Process - Round 4, Voting

    Venusaur: Ban
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    Resource SM NU Good Cores Thread MK.2

    Comfey @ Pixie Plate Ability: Triage EVs: 236 HP / 252 SpA / 20 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Draining Kiss - Calm Mind - Taunt - Synthesis Probopass @ Air Balloon Ability: Magnet Pull EVs: 144 HP / 252 SpA / 112 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Hidden Power [Fire]...
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    USUM NU Suspect Process, Round 1, Voting

    Sneasel: Ban
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    NU Stage 5 Voter Identification Thread

    as ohaidudeface
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    USUM NU Teambuilding Competition (Round 5: Zangoose - Voting Stage)

    This team got me reqs and has gotten me into the top 20 on the ladder, and was built around specs infiltrator whimsi Description: Specs Whimsi breaks teams and lets Plot Croak try to clean. Wall core of AV Incineroar deals with the ice and fire type threats to Whimsi, Xatu deals with Fighting...
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    SM NU Suspect Process, Round 2, Voting

    Barbaracle: Ban
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    NU Stage 3: Voter Identification Thread

  8. TheOhaiGuy NU HO with ztoxicroak, froslass spike stack, and sneasel/delphox... NU HO with ztoxicroak, froslass spike stack, and sneasel/delphox as cleaners
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    ORAS UU Stage 7.3 Voting

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    UU Stage 7.3 Alt Identification Thread

    Identifying as ohaiguy
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    ORAS UU Hulk Up Conkeldurr

    Ohai! New Drops, New team, and a set that I haven't seen else where on the ladder or in tournaments at all. It may be sub-optimal(better than Sub Punch Conk though!), but the team is fun as is doing decently for me on the ladder, getting me comfortably into the top 150 with very few losses so...
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    ORAS UU Horn and Hair

    I like the idea of Salamence being a potential change. Crobat hasnt quite had the bulk I have sometimes needed, and Intimidate can help with Lucario, Doublade and others. This does, in my opinion, force me to not run Rotom-C as I would almost lose at team preview to Mamoswine. This is because...
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    ORAS UU Horn and Hair

    There is a big issue with making the change to Cress, and that is I lose out on a lot of speed. Even with Twave support from Amphy who is pretty much going to be clicking Dragon Pulse predicting a ground type, or doing nothing for that turn, Crobat becomes my fastest pokemon which can be...
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    ORAS UU Horn and Hair

    Interesting suggestions, however, those changes leave me incredibly weak to Gyarados, who has taken Gatr's spot in the meta in many ways. Gyara outspeeds MScep at +1 and bops it with a Bounce. And if I change Metagross's Earthquake to TPunch the result is I get swept by any Nido, as the best way...