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    two D women thread (only post 2d women)

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    every post is the exact same joke corrupt a wish

    Granted. However, I am now Phoenixmon, so I reincarnate from my ashes (lets just pretend I didn't read that as incinerate and was burnt at stake), and you must do my bidding forever! I wish for All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros, the only mainline Mario platformer I don't own besides Super Mario...
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    tier list no one asked for The Official Smogon Pizza Toppings Tiering Thread: 10th Anniversary Edition

    Where would you put the abomination that is caviar and lobster tail pizza? Fun fact: Once, my dad did a catering job and as a bonus he got some leftover caviar pizza. We quickly found out why there was leftovers: It tasted like fucking expired fish on cheese, fucking AWFUL stuff. I'd legit...
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    Resource [Series 6] Battle Stadium Singles Viability Rankings

    Unfortunately, I personally disagree with Pelipper and Politoed being B. They aren't really that great on their own, and Seismetoad and Kingdra are usually better off setting up their own rain via Dynamax. I think C might fit them at best, but they don't do a whole lot besides set up the...
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    Where is your nick from?

    For some reason I could have sworn I posted in this thread... Um anyways, as many of you can guess, part of my name comes from the term "Theorymoning" that's been thrown around these forums for over a decade! I chose this name partly because when I joined the ancient Pokemon sim, "Shoddy...
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    Hell yeah I am! I'm even breedng mons as we speak for the new season of Battle Stadium! How you...

    Hell yeah I am! I'm even breedng mons as we speak for the new season of Battle Stadium! How you doing dude? Long time no see!
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    Announcement Battle Stadium Singles Analyses for Series 6

    Hello everyone. Recently, Gamefreak announced some shocking news: 16 Pokemon are being banned from Battle Stadium Singles for Series 6. This could last anywhere from 1-2 months. As you can imagine, this dramatically affects our plans for analyses. Starting now, there will be no more...
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    Singles 3v3 Singles (BSS) Discussion

    Here's two Pokemon I could totally see roaring back with a vengance under these bans. Galarian Darmanitan: Cinderace and Rillaboom's Grassy Glide were the primary reasons for Galarian Darrmanitan having a massive drop in usage. With those two gone, I expect to be seeing it a lot more again. It...
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    Singles 3v3 Singles (BSS) Discussion

    Yes it does, same exact banlist of 16 mons.
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    Announcement New Series 6 Rules (Top 10 Pokemon in BSS and VGC combined from July are banned for 2 months)

    Yeah this isn't a joke. Sorry if the annoucement tag isn't kosher, but this is pretty crazy and important news. The page for Series 6 of Battle Stadium Singles was found, and here it is This means the following Pokemon are going to be...
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    Battle Spot Porygon-Z

    This is now uploaded!
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    Battle Spot Urshifu Rapid-Strike

    Thanks TDP, this is now done! Psynergy can you upload this when you get the chance? Don't want to do the taboo self upload thing :P
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    Battle Spot Porygon-Z

    To add to what Psynergy said: - Might want to mention or slash in Agility on the first set somewhere. I haven't personally seen them, but its got 16% usage at the moment (making it the 9th most used move), probably just simple late game sweep sort of stuff. He pretty much said all that I...
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    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: Brave New World

    BSS Urshifu-R is ready for a check!
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    Battle Spot Urshifu Rapid-Strike

    Implemented the checks! To address Dracozolt (which is a really good point, thats a top 10 mon lol), I added an Electric-type checks section. I did consider putting Focus Sash first, but currently both choice items combined edge out the sash set by like 2% usage, so I kept that a same. Anyways...