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    Metronome Battles

    It would be based on chance for a move to go off. There are tons of normal moves, making a certain spirit good, but there are few attacking fairy moves, making that spirit even better. He is used so much because chance favors it.
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    Metronome Battles

    Is there a list of the moves in the metronome pool? If there is, If not, could someone make one that can be organized by type, power, category, and accuracy so that a VR for metronome battle can be made?
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    Metronome Battles

    So, I have been frustrated being unable to use mega pokemon that are just barely above 600 BST, and I believe I have come up with a way to nerf them enough that metronome battle will remain balanced and I can have a pokemon with 610 BST like the fabulous hair pokemon, Mega Ampharos, or the...
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    Suggestions for Pokémon Showdown

    I believe that we should have more customization options related to vanity. My idea is to add the ability to customize pokéballs with seals similar to the generation 4 games and being able to choose what pokéball your pokemon comes out in. My idea for the script inside the Import/Export menu...