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  1. Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 4

    completely fucking haxed out of it. he won a speed tie, got two crits and i had two misses within the first 8 turns of the game. all in all, bullshit.
  2. Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 4

    nails internet was down so if hes on today well get it done
  3. Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 4

    played first game against nails, won 1-0, will play him tomorrow or thurs
  4. Modern Warfare 2

    @ Rey i'm down for zombies :3
  5. The Truth About........

    this made me laugh so hard.
  6. Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 3

    won 2-1. he quit in the middle of the third game when i was up 6-3 so ya, gg's herbietg.
  7. Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 3

    Herbie was on today and I contacted him but it's been like an hour and he still hasn't responded.
  8. drugs (we're gonna get hi, hi, hi)

    weed doesn't really fuck with your memory. it may not be 100 % reliable but it IS a .org site and each myth is backed up with evidence.
  9. drugs (we're gonna get hi, hi, hi)

    i honestly didn't come here to have people tell me not to do drugs. first of all, what does age have anything to do with it? fuck man. if i enjoy something and it opens up my mind in a new, wonderful way then why shouldn't i do drugs? i enjoy being high as opposed to being sober. i'm not stupid...
  10. drugs (we're gonna get hi, hi, hi)

    I know i'd much rather smoke regular weed. it's cheaper too but supposedly the k2 doesn't show up in a drug test which is what matters to me.
  11. Rap

    Dance with the devil is great by immortal technique. so is point of no return and you never know
  12. drugs (we're gonna get hi, hi, hi)

    ya my friends a heavy smoker but he only did smoke a little this time. he IS super skinny with a ridiculous metabolism and he does muay thai. and i did not know that there was a 3 - 30ish day range. that's pretty interesting actually so i guess it depends on how much you smoke and your...
  13. Rap

    whoo! andre nickatina and mac dre are my favorite too :D and you posted a lot of shit so i'll try and listen to all of that. and american cars with mac dre and andre nickatina is another one of my favorites.
  14. The Venting Thread (trolls itt)

    i hate how societal expectations look at things like drugs and alcohol as "bad." i mean if something opens up your mind in a whole new way and if that's how you want to live your life, then why the fuck should people look down on that?