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    Drag (mostly RPDR - Spoiler Heavy)

    JOANNA LUMLEY OR BUST most of these queens look like they're trying to be American queens, I was so hoping for a cast full of messy geordies that are ready to glass a wanker. Divina and Viv seem like the only two who know how to do more than just makeup or lip syncing to the Billboard top 40...
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    AAA Almost Any Ability

    Ability Clause should be changed from 2 to 0
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    Drag (mostly RPDR - Spoiler Heavy)

    The Kahanna and Mercedes erasure this episode has absolutely sickened me. Justice for oppalens and hip hop couture
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    Don't you want me baby

    Don't you want me baby
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    Drag (mostly RPDR - Spoiler Heavy)

    I think it's unfortunate that the way she show is presented puts such a heavy focus on glam when it comes to the runway, bc some queens will just never be glamour. Doesn't mean they can't look good, but when your looks are constantly being put up against someone's beautiful gown it hardly gives...
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    Drag (mostly RPDR - Spoiler Heavy)

    TS Madison is a gift to the queer community, you should honestly look her up. She's the one from that "step ya pussy up, get a job, suck a dick, own a business" vine. And she takes queens to get fast food and pays with her hair money, it's wonderful. I think Silky did her justice; it wasn't...
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    Drag (mostly RPDR - Spoiler Heavy)

    What the FUCK was she doing and how the fuck was she safe Like Michelle's 'we're seeing the same thing' critique is as old and tired as I am because why fuck with a good look but she should have had to lipsync against Brooke this week I'm sorry nails emoji
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    Serious 2020 Democratic Candidates Discussion

    What about reparations for people of wealth, who have been discriminated against for years now
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    Drag (mostly RPDR - Spoiler Heavy)

    I'm honestly so gutted that Ra'jah went home bc I get my life every time she goes off on someone. Plastique was found dead. I also loved the contrast between Ru's 'we are family' platitudes on the main stage and the queen's going into the back room and proceeding to scream at each other. I hope...
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    BH Balanced Hackmons Central Resources

    But what about the calcs
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    Drag (mostly RPDR - Spoiler Heavy)

    tea, Scarlet is basic and bland while Ra'jah is our patron saint of messy talking heads and petty drama this season, but Scarlet smashed that lip sync. She danced well, she used gimmicks that suited the song and happened at the right time, and she embodied the music much better than Ra'jah. It...
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    Drag (mostly RPDR - Spoiler Heavy)

    um excuse you brooke was a BLACK WIDOW i will not accept this blatant whitephobia ngl this season kind of sucks. idk if its because of how obviously production is pushing queens like yvie and nina, or because they've already exhausted their pool of great talent in the first 10 seasons and all...
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    Serious LGBTQ+

    I can't believe homosexuals were the real oppressors all along
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    Drag (mostly RPDR - Spoiler Heavy)

    I think Vanjie was on the bottom for story and so Michelle could clock her similar looks, more so than the challenge performance. These sorts of challenges are useful for production because they can judge them on arbitrary shit like whether or not they were giving the 'essence' of the character...