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  1. Double Battle OU Mono Electric Team

    Well... Uh... I'm using this mono electric gen IV team... It's for double battles... And I'm not sure if this is in the right category... Close this topic if it isn't in the right category. Okay! I just started a mono electric team on PBR! Please rate it! Plusle Nature: Timid Function...
  2. Sunny Day Team

    1. I'll probally get rid of Chandlure. 2. I don't think Starmie would be good for a sunny day team...Maybe Gengar. 3. Yes it does. Sort of. 4. I feel weird if I copied movesets from smogon. I'll follow your tips.
  3. Sunny Day Team

    On it.
  4. Thanks for rating my team! :D

    Thanks for rating my team! :D
  5. Sunny Day Team

    No, I'm a n00b. :P And...What Pokemon should I use?
  6. Sunny Day Team

    Well...I'm new. And new is a meaning of a newb. Please rate my team. And I'll try to fix up my mistakes. NOTE: I'LL BE CONTINUNING THIS TOMORROW. I'M REALLY SLEEPY. So Mods...Please don't lock this thread. I'll finish this tommorow. I promise! UNDER CONSTRUCTION Ninetales (Believe It!)...