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    Metagame National Dex Metagame Discussion

    I don't understand; why was Snowmanitan banned instead of Gorilla Tactics, while Arena Trap was banned instead of Dugtrio?
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    Quality Control Charizard (1/2)

    I'd think Sunny Day would be better than Work Up. Why give yourself a 50% boost, when you could give yourself 2 boosts? (1 from Solar Power, and Flamethrower's sun boost) It doesn't resist Dragon Pulse.
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    Resource LC Analysis Questions and Suggestions

    Since it's available now, is Galarian Slowpoke going to be allowed immediately? Or do we have to wait for its evolved forms to be released? Edit: Got my answer:
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    Quality Control Kommo-o (QC 0/2)

    Could Aura Sphere work? I find Focus Blast to be too unreliable.
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    Battle Spot Cloyster

    That's not how I'm reading it. Clearly 1 of us is misunderstanding, although based on my history, I wouldn't be surprised if it's me.
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    Battle Spot Cloyster

    Unless your Cloyster has Overcoat (lol), I'd recommend against Tyranitar; its Sand Stream will nullify your Focus Sash. (Edit: Then again, there is Unnerve, but that's also a bad idea, isn't it?)
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    Quality Control Galvantula (QC 0/2)

    Wouldn't Swarm be better? I don't think the set has any inaccurate moves, and with a Focus Sash, it should activate Swarm, right?
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    Lapras (QC 0/2)

    Why isn't Surf (edit: or even Hydro Pump) slashed in with Sparkling Aria?
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    Well, it's me.

    Well, it's me.
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    Yes, and I edit there quite a bit. Why did you ask?

    Yes, and I edit there quite a bit. Why did you ask?
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    Small Site Page Changes - (Typos, Poor Wording, Inaccuracies, Etc.) Level Restrictions should be a bullet point, but it's not.
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    M&M Mix and Mega Resources

    I don't know where else to ask, but why is Electrify banned?
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    Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 50 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    Is anyone able to clone my legendaries on the Switch? (Or if you know someone who can, please direct me to them?)
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    Pokémon Galarian Darmanitan

    Sucks they didn't just ban Gorilla Tactics; I would've liked to see at least 1 Zen Mode set for Snowmanitan.