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  1. Resource QC Teams and Announcements

    Theorymon has joined LGPE OU QC.
  2. eeeeeeeeee

  3. wow

  4. doubleability dancers

    doubleability dancers
  5. :(

  6. Pawniard [QC 2/3](Written)

    Reassigning this due to a writing infraction. (The other one is already in GP.)
  7. oh wow, hi there, long time no see

    oh wow, hi there, long time no see
  8. Resource QC Teams and Announcements

    Yoshi has left LGPE OU QC and Chloe has joined MnM QC.
  9. BH Mega Rayquaza [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    I uploaded this a while ago and forgot to say so lol
  10. LGPE OU Melmetal [QC: 3/3] [GP: 2/2] [Done]

    Sorry just randomly stumbled upon this but I'm pretty sure that first change isn't necessary. The first sentence is basically saying "Melmetal's coverage options also let it hit the majority of the metagame for super effective damage, as [its coverage] threatens any potential switch-in." That...
  11. congrats

  12. congeal volkner

    congeal volkner
  13. thank you

    thank you
  14. i first got it 2 years ago

    i first got it 2 years ago
  15. UM!