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    Gen 3 Wailord (QC 1/1) (GP 0/2) (NU Analysis)

    Oblivious didn’t block taunt until gen 6.
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    Ask simple questions here! [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    What's the maximum number of Pokemon that you can bring to a Custom Battle?
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    Megas For All: V4! (Submissions - Delphox, Chesnaught, Greninja)

    Mega Froslass Type: HP: 70 Atk: 80 Def: 80 (+10) SpA: 135 (+55) SpD: 80 (+10) Spe: 135 (+25) Ability: Cursed Body / Snow Cloak -> Frostbite (Intimidate Clone) New Ability: Frostbite: Lowers the opposing Pokémon's Defense and Special Defense stats. New Move(s): Freeze-Dry Overview: Mega Froslass...
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    Helioptile 0/2

    Glare can not paralyze Electric types. Its advantages are higher accuracy and the ability to hit ground types.
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    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    Team Builder says that Weather Ball + Spikes is illegal in BW OU, however it can be bred from a Roserade, who learns Spikes via breeding and Weather Ball from level up
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    Siv shells out damage against Valzy (hardy har har)

    Giga Drain -> Thunderbolt -> Giga Drain (All on Clamperl) If Giga Drain is not successful, then push back actions
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    Siv shells out damage against Valzy (hardy har har)

    We can't let that happen Ghastly! Disable its Surf! Disable (Surf, on Clamperl) -> Confuse Ray (On Cacturne)-> Giga Drain (on Clamperl)
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    Siv shells out damage against Valzy (hardy har har)

    Will-O-Wisp -> Giga Drain -> Thunderbolt IF prior action was Shell Smash THEN Clear Smog
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    Siv shells out damage against Valzy (hardy har har)

    This isn’t dinner, so I don’t know why you brought clams. Ghastly, take this exp share and turn his Clamperl into chowder!
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    Eevee'd (Current Slate: FFA!)

    Haxorus already gets Earthquake
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    Eevee'd (Current Slate: FFA!)

    Name: Gearfly (Gear + Gadfly) Types: Dragon / Steel BST: 80 / 100 / 80 / 80 / 80 / 100 Abilities: Sturdy/Light Metal/Gear Down (Raises Atk and decreases Speed when its stats are increased) New Learnset: Gear Grind, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Magnet Rise, Shift Gear Justification/Niche: Flygon’s...
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    Data Battle Tower MkII (For all your Match-Seeking Needs!) [SEE POST #6786]

    Accepting this: Items Allowed All abilities Switch = KO Queue: PTPlatinum vs. Earth Traveler (1v1 LC Singles) [Ref: ???] Sivanandi vs Valzy (1v1 LC Singles) [Ref: ???] Toon vs ??? (Cereal Match) [Ref: ???]
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    CAP 24 CAP 24 - Part 11 - Name Poll 3

    Ancestree Jumbao
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    Have a question? Ask it here!

    I'm trying to change the description of a move, and I'm getting this: "There was an error building. Here is the message from the server: TypeError: Cannot read property 'constructor' of null" Here's the change I was making if that helps.
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    Data Earn UC doing some labor for me [Deoxys]

    Reuniclus (M/F) NATURE: XXX (+1 XXX, -1 XXX) TYPE: Psychic ABILITIES: Magic Guard / Overcoat / Regenerator (H) STATS HP: 110 Atk: Rank 3 Def: Rank 3 SpA: Rank 5 SpD: Rank 3 Spe: 30 Size Class: 2 Weight Class: 2 Base Rank Total: 20 EC: 9/9 MC: 0 AC: 5/5 ATTACKS Charm Dizzy Punch Endeavor...