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  1. Ladder The Dark Horse Project

    in as dh Victorybell dh is Victreebel obviously Edit: Changing dh from Victreebel to Golem, changing alt name to rocktypesaregood
  2. Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament III - Cycle 1 Signups

    Forum name: Victory Victreebel Cycle 1 Alts: LT1E VV, LT1F VV, LT1G VV Do my alts for Cycle 1 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: Yep
  3. Seafloor Cavern

    Seafloor Cavern
  4. ZUT ZUT ZUTT, MERRY REGIGIGMAS! (Festive Feud Giveaway)

    Can I upload a Whismur instead? I don't have a Zigzaggon.... IGN: Mark Message: Big Golem doodz
  5. Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

    OK then, have Chomps solo Maxie.
  6. np: ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 5 - Run The Jewels

    Aegislash was never broken, I don't see what the analogy is here. Anyways, Gothitelle isn't really that durable. Just hit it with something like Crunch or Bug Buzz, and that's half of it's HP, gone. Wobb and Wynaut are not a problem. Sure leftovers Wobb is a pain(oh gods not Lefties Wobb) but...
  7. Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

    pretlzel987, take Chomps the Seviper. Chomps, well, loves biting stuff. He must never forget Bite(or Crunch or Poison Fang.Or any Elemental Fang move.) He especially loves eating. Eat(KO) the following Pokemon: Taillow(Bird) Zigzagoon(Rodent) Ralts(Screw you Fairies) Bagon(Dragons are yummy)...
  8. np: ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 5 - Run The Jewels

    Stag can burn in hell. "Mega Sableye makes it extremely difficult to set-up any sort of entry hazard once it has Mega Evolved. Only a few Pokemon can afford the luxury of setting their hazards against Mega Sableye without sacrificing viability." Well, glad to see support for LAZY TEAM-BUILDING...
  9. Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

    Golden009, take Wurmple. Name it Evo. Evo has no idea what evolution is, and hopes to know what it is. Evo may only evolve into Silcoon/Cascoon when another of your Pokemon evolves. Silcoon: Congrats, you got the bad one. At this point, Evo feels confident in its beauty and must solo one of...
  10. Challenge VV's Black 2 Nuzlocke

    Rules 1: fainted=dead 2: May only catch the 1st Pokemon per route 3: Black out=game over 4: Must nickname EVERYTHING 5: You must RESPECT THE SUNKERN Part 1: in this post Part 2: Comin' soon 180NoScope(Sunkern) Lv.11 Solar Power/Quirky/Female -Mega Drain -Growth -Ingrain -Grasswhistle...
  11. Challenge The Nuzlocke Challenge - Mark 2

    Dunno if you're allowed to post variants(Wonderlocke,Wedlocke,etc.) here but w/ever RULES for wonderlocke: Pokemon Y edition 1: Fainted= Dead, must be placed in a box 2: Blacks out= game over 3: Start out with 6 Pokemon(catch 5 Pidgeys or something then move to #4) 4: After you catch a wild...
  12. The Most Facepalm Worthy Thing You Have Done in All of Pokémon

    -Forgetting that Beldum sucks in Wonderlocke "The opposing Riolu used Counter!" RIP Japanese Beldum
  13. Unpopular opinions

    Unpopular Opinions: I still care about Pokemon Conquest. Beautifly is better than Dustox. Team Magma isn't evil because finally Hoenn can be connected to other regions and Luvdiscs can die off(like they should.) I really wasn't hyped about Diancie. but at least it can melt steel beams Team Flare...