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    Welcome Back Thread

    Yeah, avatar is Perrin from Wheel of Time. Nice to see some familiar faces and new ones, of course! I stole someone's team and playing it on Showdown at random ass times BUT it is good to be back playing a bit. Ranbat is still surprisingly fun.
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    Welcome Back Thread

    Didn't find a general welcome back thread, so thought I'd create one. Hello Smogon, it has been awhile since I have been active here. Been like 12 years since I have joined and time flies. Nostalgia has got the best of me and decided to play competitive Pokemon again and ladder on Showdown. I...
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    OU Blastoise

    I have been using this set to some success. Suicune does the same job and can have Leftovers but thought I would share. name: Rest Talk move 1: Rest move 2: Sleep Talk move 3: Scald / Water Pulse / Dark Pulse move 4: Roar / Rapid Spin ability: Rain Dish item: Blastoisenite nature: Modest evs...
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    Pokémon Talonflame

    Just want to throw this out there but this is my favorite Pokemon of the new gen. Thus far Acrobatics has been the best set with no item until pokebank and with Blitz/Acrobatics/WoW/OverHeat with Hasty nature.
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    Smogon Premier League IV - Week 4

    good luck Indie Scooters <3
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    Reflecting on BW and Looking Ahead to Gen VI - SEE POST #508

    it would be interesting to see no EVs, Natures, and Abilities again. This would be a huge step backwards but the metagame would be more "balanced". another way would be not to have backward capability and no access to older pokemon. Of course I believe it was said that we would still be able...
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    Smogon Premier League IV - Week 1

    gg Jorgen should have brought my rifle
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    I think that would be fine

    I think that would be fine
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    I will be at work at 7 eastern Sunday, however I am off Thursday and Friday this week.

    I will be at work at 7 eastern Sunday, however I am off Thursday and Friday this week.
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    Guardians of Middle Earth (#guardians)

    probably will pick it up later. Is is $30 retail or just on PS3 network?
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    Player Signups! SPL Season IV

    I wouldnt mind playing ADV OU, it has been awhile but that was my hay-day. I can also play GSC and RBY if need be. I was above average at both. Player Name: Warthog Tiers - ADV OU, GSC, RBY Time Zone - Mountain Time Missed - probably not unless something crazy happens.
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    Aerodactyl (Done)

    I would like to mention too that Explosion teams really love this guy (being able to take out threats with Explosion then have Aero come in and sweep) and Dugtrio was the ultimate sidekick back in the day for Aero. Duggy took care of some of the threats Aero had in this Gen including Celebi...
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    Solum's Core

    Ive been on the receiving end of that Sigilyph, pretty cool set. The only thing I dont like is the spread on Rotom-W, I would focus more on its defensive stats. Very good team KG, nice to see you around.