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    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Ever considered they are targeting the parents who grew up with gen 1? It's not like the children this game is targeted to choose the game themselves, they're way to young for that seeing it is geared towards toddlers. The parents, however, are precisely in the age group that grew up with gen 1...
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    National Dex General Information and Simple Questions Thread

    This is not the case seeing that Silvally is in PUBL, while some of its forms are in RU. So this would not be considered a complex ban.
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    General News Discussion Thread

    You're forgetting one of the most important differences with Europe: a widespread availability of guns. The knowledge that it is likely that a random person might carry a gun makes anyone more likely to pull the trigger themselves. In Europe this is only a real risk when dealing with organised...
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield Random Battle Sets

    Any particular reason why Aegislash is lv 72, while it is OU this gen?
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    Bug Reports v4 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    No level = level 100. This is the default, since most tiers use lvl 100 as standard, so you are only notified if something is NOT lvl 100.
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    Unpopular opinions

    And even worse: Chimchar is your only option if you want a team consisting fully of new mons, which is something many players, including myself, want on at least their first playthrough.
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    Pokémon GO: Victini in GO Fest, Megas coming soon!

    All of Treecko, Snorunt and Corphish are given and are Ash pokemon. Moreover, Lotad and Mudkip are Brock pokemon, while Torchic was owned by May.
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers UU Edition

    Partly because UU's decision would influence RU, which doesn't want to ban drought, while NU's decision did not influence PU as PU had already banned drought itself.
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    Bug Reports v3 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Could it be that you Dynamaxed your Dragapult and forgot that dynamaxing cancels the speed boost from choice scarf?
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    Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    You do realize that both Trump and Sanders have an active office where they have to make decisions, which naturally puts them in the spotlights. Biden currently does not occupy any office so of course he mainly does some behind the screens work. That automatically makes him less visible. And...
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    National Dex General Information and Simple Questions Thread

    To add, in gen 7, a Rayquaza which already used its z-move still cannot mega evolve even though there is no button anymore to occupy the mega evolve button (or was it the other way around, cannot remember which one gets priority; point remains though). So this is consistent with that mechanic.
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    Abortion: The Thread

    You also cannot be forced to give blood to someone if you are the reason they need it. Same point
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    Abortion: The Thread

    Which precisely means that the woman has no obligation whatsoever to provide her bodily resources to the foetus.
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    Abortion: The Thread

    Dece1t Even if a foetus were a human being (which it isn't) then nobody can be forced to violate their bodily integrity to let it develop. If someone is dying and in desparate need of blood and you are the only one around with the right blood type then nobody can force you to give your blood...