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    I came around for a little bit

    I came around for a little bit
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    who this

    who this
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    LC Shellos

    add remove comments [OVERVIEW] Shellos is one the bulkiest Pokemon in LC thanks to its high HP, reliable recovery, and its ability Sticky Hold, which prevents its Eviolite from being removed. Its physical heft bulk and lack of weaknesses means it can often stonewall physical attackers and...
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    BH Prankster Eternatus [GP 1/1]

    add remove comments [SET COMMENTS] Prankster Eternatus is an excellent blanket check to many dangerous offensive Pokemon, including Barraskewda, Zeraora, and Zamazenta. Prankster Recover allows it to check Fishious Rend and Bolt Beak users by reducing their power while recovering its health...
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    Sylveon [QC 2/2] [GP 0/1]

    add remove comments [SET COMMENTS] Sylveon is a capable offensive pivot that can muscle through most walls thanks to Pixilate-boosted Boomburst and Sylveon's impressive Special Attack stat. Sylveon is a capable Rapid Spin user as well since it can threaten out common Stealth Rock setters such...
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    Small Site Page Changes - (Typos, Poor Wording, Inaccuracies, Etc.)

    I know I'm a badgeholder but I really can't figure out how to edit this page--but last gen Ciran and I updated the Special Ball guide for SM (and I just fixed it for USUM) so it should be listed under Seventh Generation. Maybe we can update it for gen 8 too? Or would that mean a new article?
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    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: Brave New World

    I did NFE Morgrem 1v1 Celebi 1v1 Kommo-o Now back to hibernation...
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    1v1 Kommo-o [QC 3/3] [GP 1/1]

    add remove comments Kommo-o is a notable threat in 1v1 because of its versatility, as it is able to provide both offensive and defensive utility with the combination of Iron Defense and Body Press. Iron Defense and Body Press are used together to These two moves allow Kommo-o to [avoids...
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    1v1 Celebi

    add remove comments [SET COMMENTS] Celebi's role in the 1v1 metagame is that of a special wallbreaker, where it utilizes utilizing strong STAB moves options and Trick + Recover to break through bulkier threats. Leaf Storm is Celebi's strongest STAB-move [remove hyphen] and hits Pokemon like...
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    NFE Morgrem

    1/1 add remove comments Morgrem is commonly known for being the best screen setter in NFE. Its ability, [add comma] Prankster, [ac] allows it to set a screen or use a status move before usually fainting or being attacked. Light Screen and Reflect are moves used to support Morgrem's teammates...
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    checking back in on things and I see finally %kris :)

    checking back in on things and I see finally %kris :)
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    Wow.............. TBT..............

    Wow.............. TBT..............
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    Fullmetal Trade Thread (2020 Reopening)

    This week I am working on breeding and EV training quite a few more mons, as well as continuing Ultra Wormhole RNG in Ultra Sun and Moon. Update: Removed sets that I messed up Changed many mons to EV trained Added nicknames Removed egg move listings Changed most sprites Added: TSV hatches...