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    Mafia Championship Season 7 Nominations

    lmao poor ara thingy's got you signing up for all the forums this year
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    2019 recap

    lol only wildcards i made finals everyone since has been a disappointment
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    Circus Premier League

    ayy screw u neopets will never die
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    Mafia Championships Season 6 - Voting Stage (see post 17)

    even though i'm the GOAT i already made it to finals so i wouldn't go this year i give my support to duskfall and former i think they are both strong players who won't get banned on MU like texas would lol. but tbh this is a strong crop of players to pick from.
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    NOC Vote For Town Mafia - Day 4 - Scum Wins!

    lol smogon town so bad they can't figure out who's town to save their lives gg maf
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    NOC Vote For Town Mafia - Abandoned (See Post #109) And Soon To Be Reranded!

    How embarrassing u cocksuckers cant finish a game without trying all these angle shoots lol Just get good like me
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    'LE' Smogn invttonl Gam Thred (Mafia Wins)

    anyway gg everyone sorry 2 my mislynches and the towns i hard pocketed i hate being scum for that reason but when u get randed scum, gotta do what u gotta do to get the scum W always unfortunate when idling leads to a town loss but we take those. if a few more villagers had been willing to...
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    'LE' Smogn invttonl Gam Thred (Mafia Wins)

    bruh u owe me for getting ur potato mess the W i hope ur recovered from being sick but both of u got caught as teammates d2 AND YET HERE WE ARE im the greatest
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    'LE' Smogn invttonl Gam Thred (Mafia Wins)

    which is exactly why i voted vooper to prevent him from voting dle first and to force him to cross with me sorry jalmont :( had to do it to ya
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    'LE' Smogn invttonl Gam Thred (Mafia Wins)

    i think dle is mafia
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    'LE' Smogn invttonl Gam Thred (Mafia Wins)

    guys i just came to a sudden realization
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    'LE' Smogn invttonl Gam Thred (Mafia Wins)

    dle is a way easier mislynch to get than former who up to the last day had been pretty firmly split between townreads and ppl suspecting him and then he just went nutso dle was always everyone's PoE, maybe a couple ppl thought he was town but not strongly. why does dle waste eod1 fixated with...
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    'LE' Smogn invttonl Gam Thred (Mafia Wins)

    they probably thought they could sway me into voting dle but then real life Unlucky'd both
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    'LE' Smogn invttonl Gam Thred (Mafia Wins)

    also no i've pushed at dle for most of the game i thought he was moody's partner i just felt more strongly someone else was scum than i felt dle was scum versus just PoE