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    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    I had a non-punk design and a thick fat design, but neither one felt right and the Scorpion seemed warmly received. Compound Eyes doesn't seem to need much justification in real designs, though thick fat does worry me.
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    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission Punk/Goth scorpion This guy has it all for a concert- powerful singing voice, Ngas smoke machines and mic arms for amplifying his yells. Dragons usually have fierce appearances and grouchy demeanors, which this guy has both of.
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    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    In case Punk Rock wins, I made a sketch Sorry I can't embed, image is too big and I don't know how to resize.
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    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    WIP Further small modifications to the design Also, some supporting art
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    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    This guy looks awesome! Only thing I'd say is maybe scale up the head a tiny bit (they seem to have Legendary proportions) and make the eyes/face more expressive and buglike. Definitely change the eyes colour; right now they blend a lot with the visor.
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    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    Decided to work on a third design Based on both the Scorpionfly and Mantidfly, combining the most intimidating bits of each (tail and claws, that can also function as wings). The Ngas is like dragon breath I guess. Edit: shrank head a little
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    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    The only thing I would say you could change would be to try and simplify some of the more realistic looking details, e.g. the small spikes on its head could be bigger, or the fur could be a bit more regular. Otherwise, you're golden! MOD EDIT: removed quoted image
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    CAP Prevos - Monhom & Duohm - Shiny Palette Poll

    Darquezze I feel the colours match Cyclohm's while still being as distinct as the regular colours.
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    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    Made a few modifications to the ant and mantis Dragon Mantis Hell Ant
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    CAP Prevos - Monohm & Duohm - Shiny Palette Submissions

    Well, here are mine. Essentially just copied Cyclohm's. Shiny Monohm entry Shiny Duohm entry
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    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    Well, here's my base idea. Hell ant Smogon sketch Another idea, based on the Dragon mantis Dragon Mantis Smogon sketch
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    CAP 28 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 1

    Bug / Dragon Bug / Electric Electric / Fighting My reasoning being that bugs are cool and electric fighting just sounds interesting.
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    CAP28 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 1

    Quziel Rabia Pipotchi I chose these ones because they seem like they would result in fun designs. modedit: fixed spelling
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    CAP Fanart Thread

    Fanart of the Smokomodo line, and they're shiny! If these guys were real, I'd pick them in a heartbeat.