Why are u looking at my About Me :grr:
anyways Hi im Yoko, I play Pokemon and then i write about Pokemon! (i have no life god i write too much)
since you have stumbled upon here ill tell you some cool analysis / spotlight work ive done:3
Meowscarada (AAA) :Meowscarada: (Sword Of Ruin)
Ceruledge (AAA) :Ceruledge:(Sword Of Ruin)
Cinderace (AAA) :Cinderace:(Swords Dance)
Volcanion (AAA) :Volcanion:(Primordial Sea)
Greninja (AAA) :Greninja:(Choice Specs)
Arceus-Ground (BH) :Arceus-Ground: (Ice Scales)
Arceus-Fairy (BH) :Arceus-Fairy:(Ice Scales)
Miraidon (AG) :Miraidon: (Double Dance)
Iron Moth (AAA) :Iron Moth: (Desolate Land)
Ceruledge (AAA) :Ceruledge:(Sword of Ruin)
Ceruledge (AAA) :Ceruledge: (Desolate Land)
Lunala (BH) :Lunala: (Simple)
Meloetta (AAA) :Meloetta: (RegenVest)
Arceus (AG) :Arceus: (Offensive Setup)
Cinderace (AAA) :Cinderace:(Utility)
Ceruledge (AAA) :Ceruledge:(Swords Dance)
Chien-Pao (AAA) :Chien-Pao: (Choice Band)
Landorus-Therian (PiC) :Landorus-therian:(Bulky Support)
Solgaleo (UUbers) :Solgaleo: (Trick Room Sweeper)
Scream Tail (AAA) :Scream Tail: (Pixilate)
Basculin (PU) :Basculin-Blue-Striped: (Choice Scarf)
Rillaboom (Dou) :Rillaboom: (Utility)
Meowscarada (National Dex) :Meowscarada:(Offensive Pivot and Choice Band)
Articuno (Gen 5 PU) :Articuno: (Special Wall)
Alakazam (National Dex UU) :Alakazam: (Nasty Plot)
Sandy Shocks (National Dex UU) :Sandy Shocks:(Choice Scarf)
Iron Moth (National Dex UU) :Iron Moth: (Booster Energy: Speed)
Lilligant-Hisui (National Dex UU) :Lilligant-Hisui: (Offensive Sweeper)
Cinderace (National Dex UU) :cinderace:(Bulky Pivot)
Thundurus (National Dex UU) :Thundurus: (Nasty Plot)
Salamence (National Dex UU) :Salamence: (Dragon Dance)
Altaria-Mega (National Dex UU) :Altaria-Mega: (Dragon Dance)
Hawlucha (National Dex UU) :Hawlucha:(Swords Dance)
Venusaur-Mega (National Dex UU) :Venusaur-Mega:(Physically Defensive)
Incineroar (VGC) :Incineroar:(Offensive Support)
Metagross (VGC) :Metagross: (Bulky Attacker)
Arcanine-Hisui (VGC) :Arcanine-Hisui: (Choice Band)
Meowscarada (National Dex) :Meowscarada: (Offensive Pivot)
Cinderace (National Dex) :Cinderace: (Bulky Pivot)
Ogerpon-Cornerstone (VGC) :Ogerpon-Cornerstone:(Redirection Support)
Torkoal (VGC) :Torkoal:(Trick Room Sweeper)
Ninetales-Alola (Dou) :Ninetales-Alola: (Snow Setter)
Monferno (ZU) :Monferno: (Offensive Pivot)
Rillaboom (OU) :Rillaboom: (Choice Band)
Kyogre (Ubers) :Kyogre: (Setup Sweeper)
Ho-Oh (Ubers) :Ho-Oh:(Utility)
Darkrai (OU) :Darkrai: (Setup Sweeper)
Gholdengo (AAA) :Gholdengo:
Chi-Yu (2v2) :Chi-Yu:
Basculegion (Dou) :Basculegion:
Mega Alakazam (Lgpe) :Alakazam-Mega:
Darkrai (National Dex):Darkrai:
Mega Diancie (BH) :Diancie-Mega:
so in total that's about 46 analysis and 6 Spotlights
anyways hope u enjoyed reading this for whatever reason
Jun 9, 2005 (Age: 19)
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