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    Pet Mod Fusion Evolution Alpha

    Fusion: Meaneon Role: Special Wall, Status Absorber, Cleric Type: Water/Dark Ability: Status Absorber (Water Absorb + Synchronize) - This Pokemon recovers 1/4 of it's maximum HP when inflicted with a Status Condition by an opponent; immune to status. Stat Distribution: 100/52/95/80/150/67 (+10...
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    Pet Mod Fusion Evolution V6 (Submission Phase)

    Parents: Sandaconda / Charizard Shared egg group: Dragon Offspring name: Zondacor New type: Fire/Ground New base stats: 85 / 105 / 111 / 97 / 87 / 95 - 580 BST Mega Y: 85 / 125 / 111 / 147 / 117 / 95 - 680 BST - Drought Mega X: 85 / 151 / 144 / 118 / 87 / 95 - 680 BST - Fire/Dragon, Tough Claws...
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    Pet Mod Fusion Evolution V6 (Submission Phase)

    If I'm understanding this right, this means Sabatus always moves first? Well I guess some sort of Specs set then would work really well. Obviously you could play this like Sableye too, but since your essentially "faster" I think a Specs set would take advantage of that really well. Harder...
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    BH Balanced Hackmons

    No. Gen 7 good gen 8 bad. I can't wait to use Intrepid Sword mmx in natdex bh, it's going to be so fun. :) nice fanfiction uwu
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    Pet Mod Fusion Evolution V6 (Submission Phase)

    Ice Scales halves against. Technician boosts by half. Where are you getting 'doubled' from? Ice Scales is not exactly Fur Coat, because it doesn't double your Special Defense stat but rather halves damage taken by Special attacks. For instance, moves like Psyshock, Psystrike, and Secret Sword...
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    Pet Mod Fusion Evolution V6 (Submission Phase)

    *falls onto your Pokémon, killing it on accident* DNA Donors/ Parents: Buzzwole / Steelix Shared Egg Group: Offspring Name: Steezzoll New Types: New Base Stats: 110 / 112 / 180 / 54 / 69 / 54 [BST: 579] (+19 HP / +0 Atk / +11 Def / +0 SpA / +10 SpD / +0 Spe) New Ability and Desc: Beast Boost +...
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    BH Balanced Hackmons Suspects and Bans Thread

    Ah, ok that makes a bit more sense. I wasn't considering FC, I was thinking something else like Prankster so you can run Spore/Recovery, or Cotton Guard earlier. Or even Entrainment for a lil disruption. Even with Fur Coat, it still seems problematic. None of these calcs are even relevant unless...
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    BH Balanced Hackmons Suspects and Bans Thread

    I wanna try my hand at BH talk now, been lurking too long owo Anywho I don't think BP Shuckle is all that great. What else are you attacking with? Good luck clearing their board of Ghosts/Fighting resists/FC users/Prankster Haze or Topsy-Turvy/damn bulky mons before you can actually sweep...
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    Metagame Workshop

    Unsure if this has been submitted before, looked over the commonly submitted ideas thread and didn't see it though. 4 Moves - A meta where each of your Pokémon has 4 moves and can learn ANY move, but in consequence, your entire team shares the same 4 moves. (Not including remaining PP and the...
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    Serious LGBTQ+

    That's hot. And also normal. Yes. Very normal. Thats also why certain parts of thr internet exist. To be honest, it really does sound to me like your bi. Also protip guys are hot
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    Fusion Evolution V5 (Submission Phase)

    That's what Hug does and I didnt see anyone complaining about it
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    Fusion Evolution V5 (Submission Phase)

    Fucking forfeit. It's Valoon. DNA Donors: Pikachu-Starter / Volcarona Offspring name: Valoon New Type: Electric/Fire Base Stats: 65 / 70 / 57 / 125 / 82 / 130 (+0 HP, +0 Atk, +0 Def, +20 SpA, +0 SpD, +20 Spe) New ability and desc: Valoonity (Lightning Rod + Swarm) - This Pokemon draws Bug &...
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    [Gen 8] More Balanced Hackmons

    Torterra Stats: 105 / 114 / 135 / 114 / 135 / 51 Summary of Changes: +10 HP / +5 Atk / +30 Def / +39 SpA / +50 SpA / -5 Spe / +130 BST I actually feel like this is too underpowered, but I wanted to keep Torterra’s unique Grass/Ground typing, which you’ll notice I swapped to Ground/Grass, as I...
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    Bench Abilities

    Ability Name: Bide Barricade Effect: Abilities of all Pokemon are nullified unless they are from a Psychic-typed Pokemon or from Pokemon with Bide Barricade Given to: Wobbuffet line, Reuniclus line, Chimecho line, Bronzong Ability Name: Shadow Hunt Effect: Fainted allies attacks can be used by...
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    Metagame Megamons

    Manectric-Mega @ Choice Specs Ability: Intimidate EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Hasty Nature - Volt Switch - Thunderbolt / Hidden Power Ice - Overheat / Flamethrower - Switcheroo This is bad but it’s also Megaman so idc. But like, Items are a bigger thing now, so why not just take...