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Hi, and you betcha! ^^

Pokemon ORAS was one of my favourite remakes ( and for those very reasons). It also had the nostalgic element to it as well ^^

In any case, I just hope they release more Mega Evolutions (and more of favourite PKMN, ofc)! ^^

P.S. This current meta-game has me stuck on rank "NOOB", lel (so it's back to training, I guess ^w^)...
I liked ORAS and XY both, it really started a fire in me with the series that I had been missing for awhile ^^

What mega evolutions would you like to see in the future? :0

I think this is a tougher meta to get used to for sure. Especially in OU and such. So many monsters running around... ^^'
Ooooh, I'm sorry but I've realised that my Megas are coming back to PKMN Sun and Moon (ahhh, omg, I'm fangirling >w<)!!!

*starts waving the fans* and now, all that's left is Mega Gallade, phew (...I love Game Freak sometimes, lol ✿>‿<✿).

But yeah, sorry you had to read all that (but I just wanted to share, lol ^^).

So anyways, yes, I know what you mean. Pokemon XY was the biggest hype for me (or at least of the biggest). It was the first 3D PKMN video game release and I went crazy all over it during high school/secondary school lol ^^. I was disappointed by the Starters i.e. final evolutions ~especially Fennekin (I expected it to look all fuzzy, and elegant—but no! All we ended up having was a Merlin-wannabe *sigh*...tough times >__<).

Lol, just kidding. So anyways, to answer your question; I really hope for the following PKMN to end up with their own Mega Evolutions, so here's my top 5:

1) Dragonite
2) Toucannon
3) Mega Garchomp revamp (the current's horrible >﹏<)!
4) Silvally, Arcanine, or Zoroark
5) Delibird (with Snow Rush, lol)

P.S. I suppose "Starter Mega Evolutions" should have been at the top of the list, but that one seemed a little too obvious, lol ^^

P.P.S We need a Mega-Mega Blaziken (but only yellow, that way it'd look like a super saiyan, when it flexes *w*)!!!
~ "this isn't even my final form!" >:3

Jk xD
My favorite mega was already at the start, but I'm getting my 3rd favorite mega with the next few so I'm really excited about that! :D

I know what you mean about Delphox...I expected something really cool and Ninetales-ish looking...but we got a witch/wizard >.> maybe it will get a mega form one day to fix that. Greninja was def my favorite for that gen. Ninja frog ftw!

I didn't really expect to see Toucannon and Delibird on your list, thought I can only imagine the megas for them. I feel like if Delibird got a mega it would get the Beedrill treatment and everyone will start using it a lot (since they'll have a reason to).

I'm shocked you didn't want Lycanroc to get a mega? Or at least be on you top 5? :0
Ahaha, you said it, Ninja Frog for the win, mhm! >:3

What?! Ooow... I-I wanted to but there was only enough space for a list of my top 5, so I figured I should add the pkmn that needed it the most‧.·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

Lol, just kidding. So anyways, ikr?! I love the idea of turning a otherwise useless pkmn to a competitive powerhouse, like M-Beedrill. Furthermore, I also think the idea of boosting threats from the OU tier and almost a waste of Mega Evolution (ME). I choose Dragonite mainly because most of the other Pseudo legendaries already had a ME.

Seemed pretty fair in my book, mhm (^ω^).
Lol ^^
I guess you can only add so many mons to a top 5! Especially when you have so many that you like! >:3

Now here is a fun question: what are some mons that you hate right now? I feel like everyone asks about the favorites and not the hated ones, so I wanted to change it up! :D

Also! What tiers and metagames do you like to play this gen? I'm curious :0
Ahahaha, ikr? Mhm >:3

Lol, np, I know what you mean. Yes, hmm... My most hated Pokemon, that's a tough one (—just kidding ^ω^)! It has to be these guys, and the following order:

1) Pheromosa.
2) Tapu Lele.
3) Tapu Koko
4) Celesteela (Autotomize, offensive)
5) Mega Sableye

And yeah, those are the pkmn I really don't like (they're not competitive at all...okay, some of them are, but they're mostly frustrating to build a team against, lol "grrr", jk ^^)

Oh, I mainly play in the OU tier. I try to restrict and limit the number of OU I build my team around. I love using UU mons and winning battles against OU!

And yup, that's it ^^

Btw, what do you think on the idea of running Endeavor on Mega Beedrill? It seems viable to me but I'm trying to convince others in the thread...
I agree with all of those except Tapu Koko. I feel like he got screwed over with a higher attack stat but having very few physical moves. And his special moves are only really good if you set up a calm mind or run life orb. And even then he get blown away by Chomp if it doesn't run HP ice xD at least that's what I've noticed. But the others are def not easy to play around. ESPECIALLY the top two. I'm shocked they aren't banned yet (though one of them is in the process of being banned thankfully).

I plau OU as my main tier and I build teams the same way. I take two or three OU mons and then build a team around them. But I do the same for UU and all the tiers! :0

Hmm..never really encountered that before..does that move actually work with M-Beedrill? >.>
Lol, I know what you mean, mhm, however I only Tapu Koko just because he personally irritates me (I mainly have checks for him, and without counters, his thunderbolt does a lot xD ~my ground and dragon types are often landorus and latios (you see see where the problem is i.e. x4 weakness to ice and the potential dazzling gleam, rip members of the team x'D.

But yeah, you're completely right ^^ Tapu koko isn't a total threat, as there are many ways to deal with it. Oh, and as for Mega Beedrill, yes! The move works, it's actually pretty good. I've used to win a match (low ladders, as I rarely play nowadays) but from my findings and thoughts it's a viable move when executed well.

I even joined a thread discussing Mega Beedrill and some potential moves to use it with. So far, I haven't met any naysayers and a few people agree with me ^^

To summarise my discussion, Mega Beedrill U-Turns a lot, its fragile, and is weak to SR as well as other entry hazards. Adding Endeavor gives it the means to weaken its counters as they switch in. For example, under most circumstances, Mega Beedrill could never hope to beat a defensive Hippowdwon, right?

Well it can, here's a quick replay displaying the move in action. I came up with it myself ^^