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  1. Super Computer

    Announcement National Dex Monotype Suspect #3: Ignite (Ogerpon-Hearthflame)

    Im voting NO BAN for Ogerpon-H, while it can be the best of the Ogerpons by far if it can get into the right spot its held back due to its fragility despite its decent type combination defensively, Grass/Fire is quite an average combo bosting 3 weaknesses and 4 resistances, both sides having a...
  2. Super Computer

    Buff Process 3 - Stage 3 - Buff Package Poll 1

    Package 5 by Pipotchi Package 1 by dex Package 3 by Darek Package 2 by Voltage Package 4 by Shnowshner Pipotchi's package feels like it'd work the best because of how problematic of a type Bug is, the Bug type is an abysmal type sadly due to its weaknesses and how many types resist it, by...