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  1. Quick Pass Smash (Hyper Offense Rain Team)

    Anyone else? And yes this team catches a lot of people offguard, and gets them just like that.
  2. Quick Pass Smash (Hyper Offense Rain Team)

    Team at a Glance Introduction: This team has surprisingly been successful. With the lack of a phazer or priority on some teams, it hurts. This team can just go right through a team. I've gotten a ton of 6-0's on this team, and some guys not so much. I have some trouble with better...
  3. Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    How long do you guys think Matt Kemp will keep this up?
  4. Official NBA 2011-12 Season Thread

    Yeah I'm a Celtics fan, and this is embarrassing. Anyone think Metta World Peace ban is long enough? I think it should of been a 10 game suspension.
  5. Newest OU Team

    You need to add descriptions to your pokemon to get full rates. Also you jazz it up a little bit. Usually people rate the RMT's where they can tell people have put their time in too so add pictures and team building. Also add an importable (Pokemon Online Export) of the team. Sorry, but next...
  6. Lucario Destruction!

    I didn't mean to use Lum Berry with the Rest set, just saying if he is using Rest for status absorbing just use Lum Berry instead.
  7. Lucario Destruction!

    Your team looks good. Very solid. Before most people will rate this, you should add an importable and possibly add to some descriptions on some of your pokes. At the moment I currently can't fully rate it, but I will get to that as soon as I can. As a rate now, I'd suggest running Pain Split on...
  8. Rate My Team

    Thank you Bubbly & Motagua. Those rates helped a lot! I've been testing, & Mew has been a great addition to the team! Thank you for the rate! @ Bubbly, I tried to put Gastrodon on the team & so far it's helped out against rain! Still getting used to using it, but so far it's helped tremendously...
  9. Rate My Team

    Well I've always known I've had trouble with Dragons, I've made a comment about that in the conclusion. I was just considering stall because Heatran can be offensive, but can't replace the impact MixApe has when on the field.
  10. Rate My Team

    I know, but in the description I asked what would the raters recommend. Yes, I know I'm Terrakion weak. I have Scizor and Terrakion as checks, & in uncommon scenarios Infernape & Gliscor as well. I've learned how to play around Terrakion. In the RMT, I wrote this under Scizors description...
  11. Rate My Team

    Any suggestions?
  12. Rate My Team

    Introduction: I made this team in hopes of making a successful non-weather dependent team. After creating a weather abusive Hyper Offensive team, & climbing the ladder up to 1400+, my next goal was to create this team. So far, I've made it up the ladder, getting up around 1260 tops, an overall...
  13. Good game Frango. I reported you to the Tattle Talers paradise for your blatant disconnect. If...

    Good game Frango. I reported you to the Tattle Talers paradise for your blatant disconnect. If you were going to disconnect, next time just forfeit! Just wanted to give you a heads up that you've been reported so you won't do it again.
  14. Tattle Taler's Paradise (Wi-Fi Battles Blacklist as of May 1st, 2013)

    I would like to report Frango. FC is 2194 1552 4190 (BW). I was playing against him, told him I would upload this video. I was playing his Baton Pass Team, when I taunted his Smeargle, & killed it off and he lost everything, he then next turned disconnected. Horrible sport, I don't appreciate...
  15. Rate My Team

    I have switched up jellicent with a tentacruel for fighting defense & the ability to help me out with toxic spikes & rapid spin. Any other rates? Thanks NatGeo, that helped. I put Shed Shell on Skarm, and I switched up jellicent!
  16. Rate My Team

    Introduction Hello, I currently am trying to get back into Pokes. My friend and I built this team not really looking into it with much detail, but to help get me started. I wanted to build my team around Dragonite, because I enjoy his presence on my team no matter what set I run. I'm not too...