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  1. Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament - Cycle 1 Signups (read posts #148/258 and #247)

    Forum name: emirinho Cycle 1 alts: [LT1A] emirinho, [LT1B] emirinho, [LT1C] emirinho Have I read and understood all of the rules of this tournament? YYes
  2. Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 1

    I would like to ask for activity win because my opponent Raseri didnt show up at the time he set 8pm my time, 2pm his. I have been waiting for 40 mins and he still hasnt shown up. Since i have to go now i think i deserved the activity win.
  3. Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 1

    activity post my opponent didnt respond yet.
  4. Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 1

    contacted raseri
  5. Player Signups! SPL Season IV

    Player Name: emirinho Tiers Played: BW2 OU / BW2 RU / BW2 NU / DPP OU / Timezone : GMT +1 Significant Time Missed?: No
  6. Pokemon of the Week #16: Latias

    They are both weak to fighting. And volcarona has a better movepool
  7. Gen 5 The OU Viability Ranking thread

    You are talking about relevant arguments and you say that gastrodon is ok in B. Anyways let me explain you why should Slowbro be in rank B in detail: Everyone knows that Slowbro packs incredible bulk. He can take on many physical attackers and then successfully regain health or cripple with...
  8. Pokemon of the Week #16: Latias

    I would like to mention that Volcarona and Mamoswine make up a perfect offensive core. So if anyone wants to put Mamoswine on his team try out Volcarona along side the mamoth. Of course you must have a spinner, but it will be worth it.
  9. Gen 5 The OU Viability Ranking thread

    I have a couple of changes to suggest: First of all, i cant understand why is scizor rank B. Scizor is #5 in usage. It has only 1 weakness and it takes care of many offensive and defensive Pokemon. Scizor can also be very hard to take down in rain. Another thing is that Scizor has many very...
  10. nvm, found it :D

    nvm, found it :D
  11. could you possibly send me the link of that. I am not really experienced with spl.

    could you possibly send me the link of that. I am not really experienced with spl.
  12. Smogon Premier League Season IV Commencement

    I have a couple questions about these player sign-ups: Can everyone sign-up to be a player? How many players can sign up per team? What criteria do the managers follow when deciding who will join them? EDIT: Just ignore this, i found the answers.
  13. BW2 General Metagame Discussion Thread

    I have to say that i wouldnt ban genesect just because genesect is not that hard to counter, because its sets are pretty well known. The main reason why it was banned is because every team had to think of countering genesect. Now, doesnt everyone have to think of terrakion as well. I mean a CB...
  14. Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 1

    i would like to be a sub I thought the application was today ! :(
  15. OU CCAT - Mark III (Laddering/Discussing - See Post #547)

    That is also a good option. We will have to decide between coverage and support. Both are good but imo coverage could be better so that Shaymin can eliminate the threats. I am not sure what the best set for Shaymin would be. Maybe the same set as i mentioned just with more evs on HP?
  16. OU CCAT - Mark III (Laddering/Discussing - See Post #547)

    We can conclude that Latias is a problem of the team as it gets beaten by T-tar and Keldeo. We have 2 possible solutions: We change the defensive core to support Latias or simply change latias into a more viable Pokemon. Maybe, Shaymin could give us what we need because it completely destroys...
  17. The United (Peaked #70)

    So in the end i have decided to make the following changes: CB Mamoswine->LO Mamoswine Bulky Starmie->Hitmontop I have had a lot of fun with this team and imo it was pretty successful. However, as it seems, the RMT is not. Anyways, i am working on a new team which will be posted on RMT in 2...
  18. OU CCAT - Mark III (Laddering/Discussing - See Post #547)

    I have tested the team and multiple times i was in bad need for EQ on Terrakion. I think that we should definitely change Rock slide for EQ. Another thing is, we need to give speed evs to T-tar as many mentioned above. We also need to change Surf-->Psyshock. Surf barely ever helps while...
  19. The United (Peaked #70)

    Last BUMP. Every rate will be appreciated.
  20. The United (Peaked #70)

    Changes made on this team: LO Mamoswine instead of CB Changes that will most probably occur: Another Defensive core Starmie instead of Hitmontop Please feel free to rate. All suggestions are appreciated. Also dont forget to luvdisc if you liked the team.