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  1. bbg

    Resource There is no way to outplay Sucker Punch

    Some other moves like Encore, Disable, and Torment also turn the situation into a pure 50/50 if your opponent knows you have them. Substitute is the best one of these moves for sure (besides like Spore and such obviously). Protect also helps. Exactly--if you want to hit the highest possible...
  2. bbg

    Hi Finchinator, just wanted to make you aware that a friend and I did some math on Sucker Punch...

    Hi Finchinator, just wanted to make you aware that a friend and I did some math on Sucker Punch that I thought might interest you--we found that in a 1v1 situation where both mons can KO, the Sucker Punch user will win 89% of the time if they use the optimal strategy, with no possible...
  3. bbg

    Resource There is no way to outplay Sucker Punch

    TLDR: If you're using Sucker Punch in a 1v1 last mon scenario, your best strategy is to calculate 1/(1+Sucker PP), generate a random number from 0 to 1, and use your non-sucker attack if the number is lower. For example, you should use your non-sucker attack 1/9 of the time if you have 8 Sucker...
  4. bbg

    Metagame Frantic Fusions [OMotM!] (New resources @ Post #387)

    Very awesome idea for a meta. Initial thoughts: Braviary-Hisui is a great Sheer Force + Life Orb donor for stuff like Iron Moth and Enamorus. Provides way more SpA than anything else with the ability. Baxcalibur donating to Dragonite or vice versa rips through offensive teams. I haven't messed...
  5. bbg

    SV OU [UPDATED] PEAKED #2 (2134 ELO) – Cyclizar Stall

    So what does this team do against taunt calm mind resto chesto tera ground earth power enamorus exactly. Just kidding, sick team, you seem to have a gift for solving OU like a math problem. Very cool to see all the little ways you've found to squeeze so much matchup coverage out of these 6...
  6. bbg

    Metagame Force of the Fallen

    Wowwwwww thank u so much <3<3<3
  7. bbg

    Metagame Force of the Fallen

    Happy to report that I've finally made a fun and good team for this OM, built around what I consider to be the best (balanced) moves in the format in Transform and Encore. I'm 1400 with this right now but wanted to post before the meta gets too old...
  8. bbg

    Metagame Force of the Fallen

    Just reporting a little bug: In this game, my landorus-therian with Swords Dance in its fourth moveslot uses trick room from Hatterene on turn 2 followed by its own EQ on turn 3, then dies to scizor's bullet punch on turn 4...
  9. bbg

    Metagame Trademarked

    I think urshifu-r should probably be banned. before that happens I wanted to post this urshifu team that has yet to lose. I'm currently #6 with it Adamant banded tera water urshifu-R at +1 in the rain is guaranteed to: - OHKO offensive Zapdos with aqua jet...
  10. bbg

    CAP 28 - Part 9 - Sprite Poll

    Quanyails Cynda Great job on all four of these! Spriting sounds so hard.
  11. bbg

    CAP 28 - Name Poll 1

    Mockjaw Scorpheus Vyrmandible Elydron Stingshot Carabdomen Miasmaw Carbozoa Buzzooka Grandible
  12. bbg

    CAP 28 - Name Submissions

    Final Submission Scorpheus Combination of scorpion and Orpheus, a figure in Greek myth associated with the Scorpio astrological sign. The myth part covers the dragon typing. Pronounced: SCOR-fee-us EDIT Oct 14: I decided I liked Scorpheus better than Scorphic because it sounds older I guess.
  13. bbg

    SS OU (PEAKED 1928 #33) New DLC setup spam

    Thanks for this great rate! Thanks HyperFlux as well. I do appreciate that you guys understand it's a deviation from the core concept to suggest hazard setters or screen setters for the team. I personally have found that considering the goal of the team is to overwhelm the opponent with...
  14. bbg

    SS OU (PEAKED 1928 #33) New DLC setup spam

    Hi! So this team isn't doing anything particularly revolutionary but I wanted to share it because I think it's super fun, I feel like it's reflective of current hyper offense teams in this very early meta, and I have played every single one of my ladder games with it since the DLC came out...
  15. bbg

    New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    Hi! I made this name years ago and I don't like it anymore because it sounds juvenile. I'm returning to Smogon and I'd like to be posting as something more recognizable that won't cause anyone to make assumptions, so I'd like to request that my name be changed to bbg, a shortening of my longtime...
  16. bbg

    ORAS OU Sexy Russians and drunk Germans [peak 1806]

    hey luko iz endless if u din know :] just lookin at the team its really solid, idk if i agree with tenta in a frogless meta but since theres no fairy w/ hazards+control its not really worth replacing mega gard forces 50-50s if it comes in on tenta/bro but its super rare so idk maybe you could...
  17. bbg

    XY OU The Return Of Volt-turn

    dont really have time for a full rate right now but voltturn doesnt mean that u run volt switch / u-turn on every pokemon. u gotta take that into account--it turns the strategy into a gimmick and wastes a shitton of moveslots. diggersby and scizor serve pretty much the same function and as...
  18. bbg

    XY OU Married to the Game: Zard X Balanced Offense

    It'd be nice if you could maybe give me some reasoning behind your suggested changes, as right now I don't see what advantages these changes would grant me. I've already addressed the reason I don't want to change my Clefable spread and the reason I'm using my current Ferrothorn spread. Gyro...
  19. bbg

    XY OU Married to the Game: Zard X Balanced Offense

    Hey Unbirthday. Thanks for the rate--I appreciate the advice from a good player. I'm gunna go ahead and switch to that lando spread.. just lost two ladder matches in a row to Mega Alaka and Scarf Toge .-. rly doe For now, I'll leave clef as-is simply because of the presence of Mega Medicham...
  20. bbg

    XY OU XY OU Team Singles, no Legendaries.

    First thing I'd like to say is don't use swords dance ferrothorn.. your ferrothorn set should look like this Ferrothorn @ Leftovers Ability: Iron Barbs 252 HP / 88 Def / 168 SDef Impish / Relaxed Nature -Power Whip -Stealth Rock / Spikes -Protect / Thunder Wave / Gyro Ball / Knock Off -Leech...