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    CAP 34 - Art Poll 3

    StephXPM ModEdit: Bolded in line with OP
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    Pet Mod [Gen 1] RBY CAP - Revived! (CAP1 @114!) [CAP2 - Name/Art]

    Level up: Courage Kick (Fighting type priority move, 50 BP, 100% accuracy, 30 PP (Max:48)) Submission Low Kick High Jump Kick Flamethrower TM and HM: Earthquake Double Edge Body Slam Hyper Beam Thunder Wave Counter Seismic Toss Explanation: Honestly, eshe0 already gave out a good idea for this...
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    Announcement np: SV OU Suspect Process, Round 12 - Moth To A Flame

    What do you mean Volcarona is broken? It's a perfectly fine mixed attacker- JUST KIDDING! BAN. Volcarona might not be super broken compared to a lot of other maniacs that used to call this tier home (I'm looking at you, Chi-Yu and Chien-Pao), but it's a very unhealthy tera abuser. It is an...
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    Pet Mod [Gen 1] RBY CAP - Revived! (CAP1 @114!) [CAP2 - Name/Art]

    Hp: 100 Attack: 114 Defense: 75 Special: 105 Speed: 71 BST: 425 (the equivalent to 570 in modern generations) Designing stats for this thing and not having it be broken or bad is kind of a pain. Hopefully this isn't too much. The idea is to have either a fighting or dragon type priority.
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    Metagame np: SV Ubers Stage 3 - Respect

    Honestly, This is extremely unsurprising, as the move has caused problems since day one. It caused houndstone to be one of OU's fastest quickbans of all time. Then when basculegion dropped, last respects stayed banned, but houndstone got unbanned. And surprise, surprise, even in Ubers, this move...
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    Social Neurodiversity

    Oh intrusive thoughts are very annoying. I get them often out of nowhere when I try to sleep, and trust me. They are not great.
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    Hey. How you doin'?

    Hey. How you doin'?
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    Lower Tiers RBY PU Hub

    Yeesh Machamp is not eating well at all.
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    Lower Tiers RBY NU Hub

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    Resource SV OU Teal Mask Viability Ranking Thread

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    Bruh it's the real dawnbuster

    Bruh it's the real dawnbuster
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    Announcement np: SV OU Suspect Process, Round 5 - King's Dead

    Well I'm gonna be voting Ban just so that doesn't happen. This thing is hella scary. Solid HP, high defense and attack, two scary abilities in supreme overlord and defiant, a nice typing (ignoring the quad fighting weakness), and making poor Bisharp obsolete. I did enjoy Kingambit meta for a...
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    Unpopular opinions

    I know and I'm glad they're diversifying. I'm hoping it gets to a point where the aquatic Pokemon selection in a newer game becomes so diverse, that little to none of them would be water type.
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    Unpopular opinions

    I think we have too much water type aquatic creatures. Half of them don't even use water as elemental attacks. I'd go as far as to say some of the fish Pokemon would make sense as either part normal type, or even pure normal type.
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    Announcement SV National Dex Suspect 4 - Change (Terastallization Re-Test)

    B A N Where do I start? No seriously. Where do I start? Tera is completely a clusterfuck in this metagame. We already have mega evolutions and z-moves running amok. We do not need a stupid mechanic running around in this already crammed metagame with 1k+ Pokemon. For the love of god, please ban...
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    Announcement np: SV OU Suspect Process, Round 4 - Who Let The Dogs Out

    As much as I love Zamazenta, and how proud I am of him for getting body press, I feel like letting this hound lose in the tier was unwise in retrospect. Considering this thing is faster and bulkier than a majority of the Meta right off the bat, revenge killing him is incredibly difficult. Even...
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    Metagame np: SV Ubers Stage 1 - Ghost Train

    The fact that Snorlax is busted, but maintains the health of a metagame is super impressive. It would be interesting to see something like that happen again.
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    Metagame np: SV Ubers Stage 1 - Ghost Train

    Wait till you hear about GSC Snorlax :tyke: