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    Old Topics Of Smogon

    Random screenshots I found on an old USB recently... some of these are from a little later (2012-2013)
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    VGC Metagross (1/1)

    GP 1/1 add remove comment refer to on how to implement GP checks if unfamiliar! [OVERVIEW] * Metagross serves as a good defensive Pokemon on balance teams thanks to its great defenses that are bolstered even further by Assault Vest, its good ability, and its nice...
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    OU Iron Boulder

    GP 1/1 add remove comment refer to on how to implement GP checks if unfamiliar! [SET] name: Swords Dance move 1: Swords Dance move 2: Mighty Cleave move 3: Close Combat / Earthquake move 4: Earthquake / Zen Headbutt / Substitute item: Booster Energy tera type: Fighting...
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    this love is p good!

    this love is p good!
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    Announcements (Well #86: UT) All Too Well (10 Minute Version)(Taylor's Version)(From The Vault)

    i've been hearing Is It Over Now (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault) on the radio and i like it. can you recommend other taylor songs similar to that (i also like Style and Delicate) are your irl peers also married with children
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    What things would you change about yourself?

    give me back my lactose tolerance
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     Smogon x PokeDoku!

    toiled over this one
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    congrats fellow square user

    congrats fellow square user
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    Gen 3 [ADV] Onix [DONE]

    GP 1/1 [SET] name: Sun Setter move 1: Sunny Day move 2: Explosion move 3: Endure move 4: Earthquake item: Salac Berry ability: Rock Head nature: Jolly evs: 200 HP / 56 Atk / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Onix is the fastest Pokemon with access to both Sunny Day and Explosion, making it a decent...
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    Gen 5 [BW] Rock Polish Lairon [DONE]

    GP 1/1 [SET] name: Rock Polish move 1: Rock Polish move 2: Head Smash move 3: Iron Head move 4: Earthquake item: Eviolite ability: Rock Head nature: Adamant evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Lairon's high power and physical bulk make it an effective sweeper when Rock Polish boosts...
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    Arbok (NU Mini) [GP 1/1]

    GP 1/1 apostrophes ’ -> ' [OVERVIEW] Arbok's access to Glare and Wrap creates a small niche for it in NU. It's a faster Wrap user than Dragonair, outspeeding key targets like Blastoise and Kingler, and while Glare is less accurate than Thunder Wave, it's also able to paralyze Ground-types...
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    Gen 1 Rapidash (NU Mini) [GP 1/1]

    GP 1/1 just a couple little typos [OVERVIEW] Rapidash finds a niche in NU thanks to its Speed and the inconsistent but infamous Fire Spin. Crucially outspeeding important Pokemon like Mr. Mime, Venomoth, Raticate, and Charizard, Rapidash generally relies on Fire Blast, Body Slam, and Toxic to...
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    Gen 1 Charizard (NU Intro + Strategy Comments) [GP 1/1]

    GP 1/1 [OVERVIEW] Fire-types may be disappointing in RBY on the whole, but Charizard completely warps NU around it thanks to its incredibly threatening combination of Swords Dance, base 100 Speed, and perfect coverage thanks to (not a big deal but you said "thanks to" earlier in this same...
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    Gen 3 ADV Killer Croc (Croconaw) [GP 1/1]

    GP 1/1, reply button to implement [SET] name: Swords Dance Sweeper move 1: Swords Dance move 2: Double-Edge / Return move 3: Brick Break move 4: Surf item: Leftovers ability: Torrent nature: Naive evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Croconaw's access to Swords Dance, respectable...
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    Twitter Users you wish had a Smogon account

    Stealth Mountain, the account that alerted posters who wrote “sneak peak” that they meant to write “sneak peek”. It got suspended but lives on in my heart forever
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    Gen 1 NU - Machamp - GP 1/1

    GP 1/1 add remove comment [OVERVIEW] Machamp is the embodiment of a tank in NU, capable of taking a wide array of attacks while attempting to hit back harder. Machamp's Fighting STAB makes it capable of threatening top-tier Pokemon like Clefable, Golem, and Kabutops, and it has complementary...
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    Smogon Discord Quote Database

    > ??? just slid into the server. [10:28 AM] ???: hello :WaveBOYE: old smogon lurker and ps player, got a hit of nostalgia while talking about pokemon in a different server [10:29 AM] pluviometer: welcome 2 the grammar nation [10:29 AM] pluviometer: who were you on the forums :0 [10:30 AM]...
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    Anyone remember Pokémon shuffle?

    i got pretty into it in 2020, but after a while the app started crashing randomly all the time so i quit. i remember liking Hammering Streak Roserade and shiny Metagross... the crashing seems to have been fixed by now, but i've also since developed ulnar nerve entrapment from using my phone too...
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    Who is your default Pokemon?

    it used to be this on one of the older forum versions, i remember checking by incrementing user numbers and confirming that consecutive users had consecutive dex number default avatars mine used to be celebi! but it changed to exploud in 2018…
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    pokemon who have pride flag colors thread

    this bird is bisexual