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  1. Evie

    Tournament National Dex Same Trios II: Round 8 - Finals

    go amstan (not kinzo tho)
  2. Evie

    Tournament Doubles Derby II - Player signups

    Player name: Evie Tiers played: SV DOU, SV National Dex Doubles Tiers NOT played: Time zone: +1 Significant time missed:
  3. Evie

    Tournament OMPL XII - Week One

    PiC Predicts (stolen format from chessking gimmicky :psynervous:) Chris Numbers [40] vs zoe [60] I think Chris is a slightly better clicker but zoe knows the meta much better and is also a good clicker. Darkrais may have trouble building solid teams as Frixel isn’t the most experienced builder...
  4. Evie

    Non-official SV Mix and Mega Suspect #9: Gouging Fire

    Gouging Fire: Ban
  5. Evie

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2024 - Signups

    Player Name: Evie Country / Region of Residence: UK Other Eligibility: None
  6. Evie

    Tournament Solomods Premier League - Week 4

    won ggs
  7. Evie

    Tournament OMPL XII - Commencement

    sorry the woke mob have decided to cancel this mocc due to lack of blue hair and pronouns
  8. Evie

    PiC Espeed Dnite (WIP)

    [SET] Dragonite @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Inner Focus EVs: 244 HP / 224 Atk / 40 Spe Tera Type: Normal Adamant Nature - Extreme Speed - Stomping Tantrum - Haze / Dragon Dance / Tailwind - Roost [SET COMMENTS] Outline: 1-2 sentence overview explaining the mon's role, 1-2 sentences on...
  9. Evie

    PiC Tank Dnite (WIP)

    [SET] Dragonite @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Multiscale EVs: 252 HP / 116 Def / 112 SpD / 28 Spe Tera Type: Steel Impish Nature - Dragon Tail - Iron Head - Haze - Roost [SET COMMENTS] Outline: 1-2 sentence overview explaining the mon's role, 1-2 sentences on important moves, 1-2 sentence on Tera...
  10. Evie

    Tournament OMPL XII - Commencement

    too bad i am .30ing glhf
  11. Evie

    Tournament OMPL XII - Commencement

    i was tired af but it worked it out well, this team is stacked :pmd/walking-wake: Mocc 5 :pmd/walking-wake: AAA: Lana BH: Chessking345 STAB: Fissure GG: Fraise PiC: Evie Inh: Don Vascus MnM: zastra Bo3: Taka Subs: lepton, Hacker, Ainzcrad, spell
  12. Evie

    PiC Landorus-I [QC 1/2]

    implemented ty
  13. Evie

    PiC Ogerpon-W [QC:1/2]

    implemented ty
  14. Evie

    Tournament OMPL XII - Commencement

    woke ren took the wokes this time :pmd/solgaleo: Mocc 4 :pmd/solgaleo: AAA: Lana + BijouMode + Sulo + xavgb BH: Sulo + Concept Everything + xavgb GG: Les2BG + xavgb Inh: BijouMode PiC: Chromate MnM: Shing + xavgb STAB: Fc + zioziotrip + xavgb Bo3: xavgb + xavgb Subs: Stories, hellom the woke...
  15. Evie

    Tournament OMPL XII - Commencement

    the woke mind virus has taken over :pmd/walking-wake: Mocc 2 :pmd/walking-wake: AAA: ghostlike BH: willdbeast GG: SEA STAB: Fissure MnM: lepton PiC: Evie Inh: augustakira Bo3: Slither Wing Sub: seth Sub: Hera Sub: Concept Everything Sub: Mada Sub: Stories Sub: Glory
  16. Evie

    AAA holy shit another lando-t set (Fluffy Landorus-T) [DONE]

    gm QC 1/2 add remove comment
  17. Evie

    Tournament OMPL XII - Commencement

    The woke mob has arrived :pmd/walking-wake: Mocc 1 :pmd/walking-wake: AAA: MZ BH: rightclicker GG: Les2BG MnM: Redflix STAB: Clementine PiC: Evie Inh: pannu Bo3: Slither Wing Sub: NinjaSnapple Sub: Monai Sub: dreepy Sub: Amstan