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  1. Gogoat

    Gogoat's hidden ability is Grass Pelt, which boosts defence in grassy terrain.
  2. Slurpuff

    Later on, Slurpuff learns Draining Kiss, Aromatherapy, Energy Ball, Cotton Guard, and learns Wish at level 45 Will edit later on with any further moves it learns
  3. Aegislash

    Doublade learns Sacred Sword at level 51
  4. [BlG] Mafia Mafia 2 - Signups

    Aint gonna get anywhere but dammit let's have another shot at Smogon Mafia. In.
  5. Yilx first place artist

    I think the awesome thing about your work is that I don't need to request in order to see stuff that makes my jaw drop. Also you broke me out of my month-or-so long hiatus in order for me to say that, so well done. But yeah, I've still yet to see once piece of artwork you've done that I didn't...
  6. Create Your Own Adventure - Comic

    I do believe I've already stated my thoughts on fire-types, so I'll go Growlithe.
  7. Create Your Own Adventure - Comic

    Hmm...Darker and grittier is a lot more fun than bright imo, unless it's a parody comic, and you plan to point out all the faults in the game, They can be hit or miss though, so I'll say that Grittier would be the best. No Nuzlocke. Make rules up for yourself if you want, but Nuzlocke + Choose...
  8. [Standard] Ancient Mafia Signups

    Hey, timezones actually work in my favor for once. P2
  9. DM's Hokey Karaoke! (ROUND FOUR)

    GUEST SUBMISSION GO! This counts, correct? I was pressed for time, hence the horrible-ness of it. But oh well. Pokemon Theme - ???
  10. Yilx first place artist

    Oh man. That is the best thing. I tried coming up with a critique, but 1. Words can't describe how much I love it, and 2. I can't think of anything bad about it. But anyway, Thank you SOOOOO much, Yilx! Love it!
  11. Metroidvania Mafia Postgame

    Spiffy not mentioning me when I pretty much godkilled him makes me sad :( Second Mafia game on Smogon, and I think I'm learning well. My Night 0 action ended up being the best it could be - I claimed to Yeti first off, and was ready to sg her, which would have meant that we wouldn't have...
  12. gg in metroidvania, I told you your faction could still win!

    gg in metroidvania, I told you your faction could still win!
  13. Metroidvania Mafia - GAME OVER! 7 winners!

    told you guys castlevanians were still a threat. :P gg all, shame it didn't go our way, but oh well.
  14. [Big] dude Signups

    I'm not big, I'm just tall ;-; requesting to sign up, please!
  15. POP POP

    Alright, these are all awesome, but this... words just can't describe how good it is.
  16. Metroidvania Mafia - GAME OVER! 7 winners!

    Oh well. First time I've died in a mafia, I believe, but there wasn't much else I could do. Good luck, Belmontians! Oh, and I blame Spiffy. 42nd post lol. You'd think that the meaning to life would resurrect me or something.
  17. Metroidvania Mafia - GAME OVER! 7 winners!

    Everyone knows who is on everyone's side? Hell, an alliance checker can do that, a mole could do that, a vanillager could figure it out. Inspectors, however, give insight into the exact roles of the enemy, without fail - unless they're a mole. And we bloody well assumed that Acklow would be...
  18. Metroidvania Mafia - GAME OVER! 7 winners!

    Really? and how is that? Space Pirates and Belmonts have an equal amount of players, so any argument over numbers hold just as much against the Space Pirates. Oh, except we don't have any form of blocking kills (Otherwise, Acklow wouldn't have died last night), nor any way on inspection. The...
  19. Metroidvania Mafia - GAME OVER! 7 winners!

    Launch Shuckle Cannon at Staraptor Call I think we can all agree to this.
  20. Metroidvania Mafia - GAME OVER! 7 winners!

    loling at how desperate Spiffy is. WHich night are you talking about? Because at the moment, it does look like you're bluffing. I'm still waiting for a proper response to my psuedo-speech, BTW.