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    honk honk

    honk honk
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    Metagame SM RU - RU Alpha Discussion - Month 2

    Going to be a bit ambitious with the drops I expect RU to get. Alola Persian is fast, and with relatively little investment it can check Doublade thanks to Fur Coat. Fast Parting Shot and Z-Parting Shot will be incredible assets. Offensively, it's not quite as impressive, but it has access to...
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    Official ORAS UU Stage 7.3 Voting

    Hydreigon: Abstain
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    is abstain an acceptable choice to vote for this round?

    is abstain an acceptable choice to vote for this round?
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    UU Stage 7.3 Alt Identification Thread

    a funny gringo ;n;
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    ORAS RU terminal redux

    omg slurmz ur so tiny ;w; A small change you can consider is using subtox seismitoad instead of poliwrath. Note that this change is quite minor so it's not at all a necessary change in order to keep using the team, but it is a worthy consideration if in e.g. a tour match you feel that...
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    Name: SlottedPig Metagames Played: XY / ORAS Foreseeable Inactivity: No
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    Wing Attack is a mega aero meme. In ru, aero can both lose its item (weak knock offs from alo / venu / uxie / seis) and there's a relevant mon that can have its evasion boosted (malamar on defogs) so if flying stab is to be included it really should be Acrobatics / Aerial Ace. nevermind about...
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    Nostalrius: In Memoriam

    Preface This is a balanced team that I built in the post-Tyrantrum suspect era and after Venusaur dropped, made to abuse the combination of Flame Orb Sigilyph (a mon that I considered extremely oppressive to balance/stall teams at the time) and Calm Mind Slowking. It was used during the...
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    Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone]

    this game is easy
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    Resource RU Replays V2 One of the games I've most enjoyed playing in ORAS, this is an older replay in the Sharpedo-Aboma meta (Durant A+ conclusion reached) that showcases the importance of playing aggressively against stall teams. Mega Abomasnow and Specs Meloetta are...
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    Official RU Stage 14 Suspect Voting

    Sharpedo: Ban Abomasite: Ban
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    are u a dota 2 player

    are u a dota 2 player
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    Metagame RU Stage 14 Alt Identification thread

    peter dager
  20. SlottedPig Suggestions for Kableye RU ^____________^ Suggestions for Kableye RU ^____________^