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  1. MAMP

    Post your searing hot takes

  2. MAMP

    Post your searing hot takes

    every other lake in the world should be called lake inferior
  3. MAMP

    sorry, i have to drop out of this tournament, something's come up for me irl. you can take the win

    sorry, i have to drop out of this tournament, something's come up for me irl. you can take the win
  4. MAMP

    Hacker Callout Post

    anyone else feel the sexual tension between these two
  5. MAMP

    Think of a guy

    im thinking about guys all the time...
  6. MAMP

    Format Discussion Hackmons & Challenge Cups - cool sweep with last mon supreme overlord + fell stinger + trick room larvitar, including terastalizing to psychic to eat a low sweep and drop my speed for trick room. getting fell stinger to work is easily the most satisfying thing...
  7. MAMP

    not to be pretentious but yall should really read this… C.H.A.T. (Come Here for All Talk)

    man this sounds an awful lot like people are trying to banter with you and you're just attacking them
  8. MAMP

    Project Suggestions for OM Improvement

    If we have only 3 opens in OMGS, can they be double elim? Having all 7 metas in the finals is good, but a finals structure that requires people to prepare 7 teams per week for multiple weeks in a row is too much. The solution could be to have players decide which 5 metas they'll play in their...
  9. MAMP

    Suggest new featured replays Fun Finding the win condition
  10. MAMP

    Metagame Protean Palace

    Is there any chance this meta can be changed to work like pre-Gen 9 Protean? I adored playing this in ORAS, and a lot of the fun was in predicting your opponent's move and changing your type on the fly to resist it. I feel like this iteration of the metagame loses a lot of what made it cool and...
  11. MAMP

    thank you man

    thank you man
  12. MAMP

    BH Balanced Hackmons Resources Thread

    quick couple of nominations: Mega Mewtwo X to S Best mon in the tier rn, I struggle to find good reasons not to run it. Picks its own counters, very unpredictable, half of its checks lose if they're chipped or knocked or poisoned or hazards are up which makes it so easy to set up late-game...
  13. MAMP

    Pending Have an easy way to access sample teams

    a huge number of people who would benefit from sample teams do not know about those commands. they're probably not even in any chatrooms, not on smogon, and and don't know that sample teams even exist. having the sample teams accessible in the teambuilder somewhere would be huge (but makes it...
  14. MAMP

    Done Favoriting a Format

    god bless you Mia this has been suggested probably hundreds of times over the last 10 years and was never implemented, and now you've just gone and done it like that. improves the usability of the site enormously
  15. MAMP

    Tournament Other Metagame World Cup VI - Player Sign-ups

    Player Name: MAMP Region: Asia Pacific Metagames You WILL Play: BH Metagames You WON'T Play: Not BH I HAVEN'T PLAYED IN LIKE A YEAR PLEASE DON'T EXPECT ME TO DO WELL
  16. MAMP

    BH Balanced Hackmons

    v-create broke pdon in xy and sm, and broke dgz in ss. might be time to try banning it?
  17. MAMP

    Explain why you chose your profile picture

    i found this image scribbled in blood on an ancient scroll, atop an iron pedestal in a cave deep in the himalayas. i recreated it as best i could using the technology available to me