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  1. Ninjamage

    Non-official National Dex Monotype #3 - Ogerpon-H

    Ogerpon-H: Do Not Ban
  2. Ninjamage

    Announcement National Dex Monotype Suspect #3: Ignite (Ogerpon-Hearthflame)

    I will be voting NO BAN. I will be providing my outlook on it as a Grass main, I can't speak to the points made about any matchups that involve Hearthflame's use on Fire. The set I used to get reqs was SD, Ivy Cudgel, Horn Leech, and Play Rough. During my 43 battles, I only got an SD up...
  3. Ninjamage

    Announcement SS OU Suspect Process, Round 12 - Voter Identification Thread

    Confirming as OUTD Rose :jirachi: edit: confirmed
  4. Ninjamage

    Resource National Dex Monotype Viability Rankings

    Alright let's fix the Grass VR because this thing is a mess Breloom: B -> A I'm not sure why this was moved down in the first place. I can agree with Zarude being in A, but Breloom shouldn't have dropped. Don't try to sell me some "less utility" argument. Breloom's access to Spore puts immense...
  5. Ninjamage

    Resource SS Monotype Viability Rankings [Crown Tundra]

    Roserade (Grass) :roserade: D -> C I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not really sure why Roserade is this low on the rankings. It's better than Venusaur on non-Sunny Day variants of Grass teams with a higher Special Attack stat and Speed stat. It also makes an ideal scarfer due to...
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    Metagame SS Monotype Metagame Discussion [Crown Tundra]

    While I do think Melmetal is very strong and needs a suspect at least, the Steel vs Fairy argument doesn't make much sense to me: of course Melmetal is gonna destroy Fairy. Just like Heatran destroys Grass. Or Rillaboom destroys Ground. Or Tapu Lele destroys Dragon. Just because one mon is a...
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    Resource SS Monotype Sample Teams [Crown Tundra]

    :rillaboom: :ferrothorn: :cradily: :whimsicott: :decidueye: :roserade:
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    Resource SS Monotype Viability Rankings [Crown Tundra]

    I just want to clearly point out that I'm not advocating that you use Bulu over Rillaboom: pretty much any Grass team worth its salt needs to have a Rillaboom on it. However, Bulu and Rillaboom can coexist and play separate roles on a Grass team. I forgot to mention that Bulu's typing does give...
  9. Ninjamage

    Resource SS Monotype Viability Rankings [Crown Tundra]

    Appletun (Grass) :appletun: A ->C With the return of Cradily, Appletun loses value as Grass's switch in to fire attacks. Cradily has more overall utility like Stealth Rocks and is less passive because of its access to Toxic. In this very offense-based meta, Appletun is taken advantage of too...
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    Metagame SS Monotype Metagame Discussion [Isle of Armor]

    I'm going to respectfully disagree with Zarude not helping in the Grass vs Fire matchup. Fire is obviously still very difficult for Grass. However, in a couple high ladder matches I've had vs Fire recently, I've only lost because of a rock slide miss or a crit on Zarude. The key is picking the...
  12. Ninjamage

    Metagame SS Monotype Metagame Discussion [Isle of Armor]

    So I haven't yet tested Zarude out, but one thing I'd like to point out for Grass is its access to Rock Slide. Grass is 6-0d by Volcarona currently, making Fire and Bug nearly impossible matchups. With a Choice Scarf, Zarude can outspeed and revenge kill a +1 Volcarona. This development is HUGE...
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    Resource SS Monotype Sample Teams [Isle of Armor]

    y'all really gonna make me submit a third one smh BALANCE GRASS v3.0
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    Project SS Monotype Community-Create-A-Team

    Sciz/Volc bug and Krook/Urshifu Dark bc let's be real magearna better be getting the ban hammer soon lol
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    Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer: Monotype Edition

    I hereby declare the people's desire for a natdex mono ladder. Is this at all a possibility or will it stay relegated to a once in a while tour thing?
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    Project SS Monotype Community-Create-A-Team

    Copperajah and Big Bong ZOng