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  1. Animorph

    Monotype Viability Rankings

    Mega-Absol (Dark) for B Rank Absol @ Absolite Ability: Justified (Magic Bounce for Mega) EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe Lonely Nature - Night Slash/Knock Off - Sucker Punch - Fire Blast - Play Rough/Return/Superpower/Stone Edge Mega Absol's useage as a whole serves a few niches. Firstly...
  2. Animorph

    Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder!

    Haxorus with Giga Impact. EDIT: The same match had a Seadra with Mystic Water and a Hydreigon with the Draco Plate (wich never used a Dragon type move at all, mind you).
  3. Animorph

    Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder!

    Someone just sent Volcarona in against my Starmie - when that got KO'd in one hit (with some minor prior damage), he sent in Gliscor. Ragequit was imminent.
  4. Animorph

    Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder!

    You can fling the Toxic Orb for some damage, removing the item, then go in with a STAB base 110 Acrobatics. Gliscor has better things to be doing than flinging his Toxic Orb for cheap damage, though.
  5. Animorph

    Official Smogon University Gen VI Simulator Statistics — October 2013

    Talonflame is surprisingly easy to counter. Anything 2x weak to fire will essentially OHKO the thing. Ferrothorn brings out T-flame because it fears SR and is 2x weak to fire, which means you can bring out T-flame easily, and switch into your t-flame counter (I run Gliscor w/ Stone Edge in...
  6. Animorph

    Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder!

    To be fair, using a monotype team in OU before you send it into OU Monotype is a great idea, to judge how well it does.
  7. Animorph

    The 6th Gen Unbans on Showdown: Are they Broken?

    Mega Absol, Poison Heal Gliscor, and Grass types. I've never had an issue with spore ever.
  8. Animorph

    OU Team, Final Touches.

    I would use Heatran, but I'm not playing in Pokebank. That said, I like the ideas for Absol and Gliscor! I'll make those changes right away.
  9. Animorph

    OU Team, Final Touches.

  10. Animorph

    Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder!

    I had an Aegislash out on the field. I just used SD and King's Shield a bunch.
  11. Animorph

    Look Alive Sunshine (Gen 6 OU Sun Team)

    Blaziken was just moved up to ubers yesterday by smogon.
  12. Animorph

    Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder!

    Contrary Malamar with ONLY Destiny Bond. Setup moves OP.
  13. Animorph

    OU Team, Final Touches.

    PRE-BANK TEAM! After a lot of tests and team switching, I've got a team that I think works pretty well, but needs that last bit of tweaking to make truly perfect. I notice that it tends to either own the other team or get owned itself - there's very little in between. Anyways, on to my team...
  14. Animorph

    Worst Nuzlocke Death

    I lost my Bunnelby in Y to a Dragon Rage from Axew. Oddly enough, I replaced that slot with a Furret, who died when he crit Wobbuffet with Return during a Destiny Bond. I replaced it Krokorok, who died in the electric gym to Magneton's Flash Cannon. Yeah, that slot was death from things I...
  15. Animorph

    Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

    How about having it learn one Status TM/HM that isn't Toxic, Protect, or Double Team, with the rest of the restriction?
  16. Animorph

    Yup! Adding right now.

    Yup! Adding right now.
  17. Animorph

    Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

    Hydrattler, take Backwards the Absol. This Absol is backwards, so believes his SpA is higher than his Attack, so only use specially based moves. He also likes moves that lower his stats for whatever reason, so give him one of those by the time he reaches the E4 and use it at least once in every...
  18. Animorph

    Hardest Relative NPC

    I want to add Fantina to this list - holy crap I always find her so difficult.
  19. Animorph

    Other 6th Gen Pokemon OU Candidate Speculation Thread

    I worry about Mega Absol's place in OU - I've admittedly had a lot of good matches with it, but I find it may as well be Choiced to Sucker Punch against most mons.
  20. Animorph

    Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

    Awesome, thanks!